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Strengthening Core Business Thanks to Managed Microsoft Cloud

Strengthening Core Business with Managed Microsoft Cloud

con terra Delivers Excellent Customer Experience with Scalable, Quickly Available Solutions from the Cloud

Management at con terra seized a unique innovation opportunity following a company buyout. They decided to move IT entirely to the cloud. All infrastructure, business systems, and software development would migrate. SoftwareONE provided services to guide the project, building on a pure Microsoft Azure foundation. The team created systems for identity management, automation, and security. Exchange Online and Microsoft Teams applications established collaboration, telephony, and backup platforms managed by SoftwareONE. Azure’s High Availability protection has allowed con terra to eliminate its proprietary data center, cut staff expenses, and streamline services through automation.

Uwe König

“SoftwareONE gave us a 360°, worry-free package for our IT infrastructure: from consulting to implementation and operation, we receive all the required services from a single source. What’s more, we are kept completely safe at all times thanks to SAM2GO*. We are continuously delighted by the competence, professionalism and dedicated customer support.” *now SLMAdvanced

Managing Director, con terra GmbH

The Project

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About the Customer

The strength of con terra technologies lies in its ability to implement complex and individual requirements for smart geo IT solutions in the private and public sectors. As a leading IT integrator in the Geographic Information System (GIS) sector, con terra serves the markets of e-Government & OpenData, strategic defense, trade, real estate, insurance, telecommunications, nature, and the environment. It provides spatial data infrastructure to INSPIRE in the European Union, as well as industrial sector geodata modeling.

The company’s success builds on close cooperation with leading GIS providers and software vendors. With more than 25 years of experience, con terra has a reputation for industry know-how and outstanding innovation.

The Challenge

Following a management buyout of Esri Deutschland GmbH, con terra was required to set up its own IT infrastructure. For licensing reasons, the necessary decisions, design, and migration needed to be completed within the first six months of 2019. Management was determined to seize this unique innovation opportunity and decided to move entirely to the cloud. That included all IT infrastructure, business systems, and its software development environment.

Associated with this decision was the need for an external service provider to guide project management, transition, and operation, as well as to provide a guarantee of compliance.

SoftwareONE conducted several workshops in support of con terra’s choice and was awarded the engagement.

The Solution

The experts at SoftwareONE recommended building a pure Microsoft Azure foundation, including identity management, automation, and the migration of all existing systems. Device management was established early-on using Intune & Autopilot. Exchange Online and Microsoft Teams were implemented as collaboration and telephony platforms to manage communication. Comprehensive security solutions such as ATP and a backup/ restore strategy added the finishing touches for an end-to-end package managed under SoftwareONE’s cloud services.

SoftwareONE planned and implemented the complete Azure cloud infrastructure and continues to operate the platform after its completion. Continuing operations encompass all IT infrastructure, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, security solutions, and telephony via Microsoft Teams.

In addition to the Microsoft Cloud, SLMAdvanced* was implemented to provide a real-time overview of the licensing situation and to ensure con terra's continued compliance.

*formerly SAM2GO, a SAM managed service

The Result

  • The Azure cloud infrastructure eliminates any need for a proprietary data center. → Reduced HR outlay and cost savings through focused services and automation

  • Project implementation included project managers and consultants, as well as IT operations. → Minimized con terra IT personnel expenditures

  • Significant reduction in costs resulted from specialized knowledge & Microsoft Cloud expertise, including virus protection and data backup

  • Azure enables fast response to peak loads. → Highly scalable storage resources can be flexibly added or removed

  • High availability for all systems is central to Azure

  • Holistic cloud security is provided through pre-breach, post-breach mechanisms, incl. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Managed Cloud Services

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