tech for social impact

As nonprofits digitally transform, their reach and efficiency grows.
Technology for Social Impact

Technology for Social Impact

In today’s world, the demands on nonprofits are greater than ever. In order to have a stronger impact, it is essential that nonprofits implement technology into their strategies. With today’s advancements providing the ability to communicate globally, automate processes, and share real-time campaign progress, nonprofits are able to get work done faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Investing in the proper software, as well as services to support your software, provides the opportunity for nonprofits to benefit from tremendous ROI. In a nutshell, the use of technology enables nonprofits to spend less time worrying about logistics and more time focusing on their missions.

Disrupting the Social Sector with Technology

In the last 10 years, technology has completely disrupted the social sector – but only in a way that has benefited nonprofits. From increased reach and visibility on social media to advancements in automation, technology has slowly crept its way into various facets of the nonprofit world. One of the biggest “digital disruptions” that many nonprofits have begun to embrace is the move to cloud-based technology, such as Microsoft Azure

In 2018, NTEN and Microsoft joined forces to survey over 250 nonprofit professionals to gain insights into how the social sector is benefiting from cloud-based software. According to the survey, 64% of nonprofit CFOs said they would be able to cut operating costs by up to 20% through the adoption of cloud-based tech. By cutting these operational costs, nonprofits can let go of managing their account systems internally and spend more time focusing on their overall mission.

Making a Daily Social Impact

With the right technology in place, nonprofits have the ability to create positive, lasting impacts on a daily basis. These tech solutions can provide a means for organizations to reach more beneficiaries, generate funds, empower volunteers, and even help employees communicate more effectively internally and externally with stakeholders. 

For one of our customers, Welthungerlife, implementing the right solution helped to enhance their daily communications on a global scale. By retiring their legacy telephone systems and updating to Skype for Business, and respectively Microsoft Teams, Welthungerlife employees are now able to efficiently communicate and collaborate daily from anywhere, at any time. 

Do More Good by Partnering with SoftwareONE

For many nonprofits, the ability to choose and implement the right technology to move their mission forward can seem daunting. And because they often operate in a world of highly constrained resources, obtaining the proper technology, while working with limited time and budget, can pose a huge challenge. 

With SoftwareONE as your partner, nonprofits can work with a trusted company that understands the steps it takes to build and manage a modern IT strategy, with consideration to your organization’s requests and budgetary constraints. Together, we will analyze your current environment and capabilities to establish a comprehensive roadmap and create a plan that works for you. Whether you’re looking to attract more donors or gain funding to generate new ideas to better serve your mission, SoftwareONE can guide your organization on the best path towards digital transformation.

Our Philanthropic Belief

At SoftwareONE, we care about the people and communities where we work and live and are committed to creating a positive social impact through the use of technology. With a robust portfolio of over 1300 nonprofits, we aim to empower more organizations in their journey to support others. We understand that the right technology opens doors and can allow nonprofit organizations to improve productivity, accelerate innovation, and ultimately have a greater impact on the world’s most pressing issues. This is why we at SoftwareONE are dedicated to helping nonprofits increase their efficiencies in order to deliver the services on which their beneficiaries depend.

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