Pave the Way to an Optimal Digital Supply Chain with PyraCloud

Pave the Way to an
Optimal Digital Supply Chain with PyraCloud

Pave the Way to an Optimal Digital Supply Chain with PyraCloud

We are very excited to announce the latest enhancement to PyraCloud called Procurement Workbench.

Procurement teams are often measured on their ability to reduce both Capex and Opex spending. They need to have a firm grasp on global software and cloud purchases, spend and contracts in order to negotiate optimal commercial and contractual terms.

Lack of Insights

However, Procurement Specialists often do not have these insights on hand and they need to access multiple paper documents, systems, spreadsheets or databases for the different information they need.

All Benefits

This is why we developed the new Procurement Workbench in PyraCloud. We wanted to provide Procurement Specialist’s with a quick and easy way to see all relevant information and insights needed for their role.

PyraCloud Procurement Workbench
PyraCloud Procurement Workbench, source: SoftwareONE

Procurement Specialists can see a quick view of how many open requests there are, which quotes require approval, which invoices are overdue, which quotes have expired and they can easily drill down to see a more detailed view and action items all in one location and easily accessible in one place.

Procurement Workbench also has an embedded workflow. For example, while viewing the quotes, it is easy to convert a quote to an order with a click of a button.

Convert a Quote to an Order
PyraCloud's Pocurement Workbench, source: SoftwareONE

The Procurement Workbench has advanced search capabilities to quickly and easily search for Products, Products from Top Publishers and/or Services and Solutions. Users can also add favorites; quickly view previously purchased software and set up shopping lists.

Quick Search
PyraCloud's Procurement Workbench, source: SoftwareONE

What about Cloud resources?

If your organization has multiple cloud subscriptions, you have visibility into the multiple Cloud Service Provider (CSP) subscriptions with details like pricing, license quantity, license cost and subscription status.

CSP Subscriptions
Overview of the CSP susbcriptions, source: SoftwareONE

In Summary

PyraCloud Procurement Workbench gives Procurement Specialists a single view into all aspects of software and cloud resource purchasing. Procurement Specialists no longer need to login to multiple systems and manually consolidate purchasing data.

PyraCloud helps to streamline procurement processes, simplify the management of orders and invoices and keep track of software and cloud purchases more efficiently.

Want to get Insights into Your Software Purchases?

If you’re a procurement professional struggling to get insight into your software purchases, software and cloud usage, we developed the Procurement Workbench for you. Register for our webinar to find out more and access additional information.

Register here
  • Thursday 31 January 2019

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