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Citrix Summit 2018

2018 Citrix Summit Recap: The Most Important News

What kinds of technical innovation does Citrix have tucked up its sleeve for 2018? How about the software vendor’s strategic alignment? Held in California, the Citrix Summit in early January 2018 provided answers. In this article, we’ll give you a first-hand account of all the news and trends.

The Industry Gathering for the Strategic Alignment of Citrix

Hard on the heels of what was an extremely successful 2017 for Citrix, the time rolled round once again at the start of 2018: Citrix invited some 4000 partners and employees to this year’s Citrix Summit in Anaheim, California, to share information on the company’s strategic alignment for 2018 and the new products and features it has planned. Countless technical and distribution talks provided an in-depth overview during the two-day event. There was also plenty of opportunity to share information, network and discuss this year’s “Accelerate to win” slogan.

The Citrix Cloud is the hottest topic in 2018. Citrix is applying a special hybrid approach that enables the migration of Citrix Management components to the cloud, while still leaving the company’s critical data, applications and virtual desktops in a proprietary datacenter. This significantly simplifies management of a Citrix environment while also saving additional resources.

Workspace Service, Citrix Casting and Co.

Several new products were also presented at the gathering: For instance, 2018 will feature, for the first time, several editions of the familiar Workspace Service that will enable more precise accommodation of customer needs and hence continue to perfect the secure digital workspace of the future. In addition to the Workspace Premium Service, an equivalent to today’s Workspace Service, the first six months of 2018 are likely to see rollout of the Unified Endpoint Management and Advanced Editions. They will also be available for the first time in a concurrent user version, instead of the user/device arrangements that have been available so far.

As a matching feature, Citrix will also place a so-called Workspace Hub on the market.

This is a ThinClient that is specifically designed for a Citrix environment, but that is even slimmer and handier than familiar ThinClients and that is designed for deployment in a wide variety of use cases.
A particular feature for small devices on Raspberry Pi basis is the new Citrix Casting technology. It involves pairing the user’s mobile device – for instance a smartphone – with the Workspace Hub, which means that the client will notice if the relevant user is close by and will automatically launch a Citrix session on the client and end it again, for example if the user leaves the room. This could be an extremely interesting feature for doctors and other professional groups.

As regards NetScaler, there will be a new MPX/SDX 15.xxx and 26.xxx series with a huge array of preconfigured transceiver units (SFPs) and several throughput options up to 100 gigabits as classic hardware appliances.

The new NetScaler Pooled Capacity and Zero Capacity appliances represent another interesting product range. They allow the acquisition of cost-efficient devices without any preconfigured throughput, which can then be equipped with custom throughput to suit requirements and uses by purchasing capacity licenses.

Interestingly, Citrix has revealed that an independent study described the NetScaler technology as “the only solution for every use case”.

Workspace, Networking and Analytics: Citrix is Streamlining its Portfolio

The vendor also plans to streamline and simplify its entire portfolio: In future, all Citrix products will be assigned to the segments of Workspace, Networking and Analytics, and the product names will be simplified during the process. In future, for instance, only the names Citrix Desktops and Citrix SD-WAN will be used, to name just a few. Additional information will be released in this regard in the coming weeks.

In total, the company is keen to offer users and admins a fantastic and even smarter user experience without neglecting the obligatory security aspects – as always, regardless of when or where you’re working.

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