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SoftwareONE’s Hosting Partner Program

Modernizing How You Do Business

Hosters can leverage SoftwareONE’s cloud advisory expertise while knowing they are delivering long-term client value with an efficient and trusted partner. If your company is on the verge of adopting the public cloud, looking to modernize your infrastructure on Azure, or you’re ready to become a managed service provider for end users – we have an exceptional level of hosting expertise, guidance and services ready to go. Everything to strengthen your own reputation and offering for customers.

Why Partner with SoftwareONE

License Management

Enjoy world-class license consulting and management services that cover every leading software vendor. Not only does this ensure full compliance of your hosting environment, but our deep market knowledge and experience is always just a phone call away.

Trusted, Tailored Approach

We are platform-agnostic and fully independent of any vendor, enabling us to create a highly bespoke solution that puts your needs front and center. And should you need us to, we have the right connections to achieve the best results and pricing for you.

Joint Go-To-Market

As your partner we want to see you succeed, so we’ll help to grow your business by co-creating go-to-market strategies that expand your customer base and help to recruit new end users.

By Your Side in a Digital World

Your SoftwareONE experts are always on call — friendly hosting specialists who have your best interests at heart, one point of contact who will handle all your questions and needs.

Value-Added Services by Design

As we’ve developed our own managed service portfolio and service organization, we can offer cloud management, SAM services, and portfolio management. But that’s just the start. As a SoftwareONE Hosting Partner, a world of opportunity awaits.

Build Long-term Customer Relationships Through Expanded Service Offerings and Innovation

Our Solutions

We drive the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses with innovative cloud and technology solutions and services.


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