Modernize How Your School Communicates and Collaborates Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Modernize How Your School Communicates & Collaborates

Modernize How Your School Communicates and Collaborates Using Microsoft Teams

Students, teachers and educational staff often face various collaboration and communication challenges when working together. To encourage the adoption of intelligent communications in schools and universities, Microsoft has developed Teams for Education and it comes with slightly different, more education-specific features than the regular version. With education apps such as Class Notebook and Staff Notebooks, Teams streamlines everything you need for education into one platform. 

Modernizing the Way Your School Communicates and Collaborates with Microsoft Teams

Can you recall your daily life at school or university? All of those tiring  lessons and lectures, endless lists of homework and hundreds of questions you had with no one to ask to get them answered right away… 

Today, it is very different for the modern student. Students are immersed in modern technologies long before they even begin school – and this is exactly what education systems expect and anticipate. With lessons becoming digital and a heavy reliance on Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint to complete school projects, Office 365 is a necessity for any school. But the days of needing just your basic Office tools is quickly coming to an end. 

Office 365 is changing the way we communicate and collaborate – and is constantly enhanced with new applications; many tailored for the education space. Amongst these applications is Microsoft Teams. Teams brings schools into the new era of “unified communications,” where all of your communication tools are housed in one single platform. Teams empowers faculty, staff and administrators to collaborate and communicate more efficiently – resulting in higher productivity. Students, teachers, and staff can seamlessly work together, create content, and share resources all from a single, easy-to-learn and simple to use platform.

By offering different tools for all the different needs and challenges in education work groups, Teams is the best-streamlined hub to address collaboration needs and integrate teacher-trusted applications to:

  • Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know
  • Give your team quick access to information they need right in Office 365
  • Tailor your hub to include content and capabilities you and your team need every day
  • Get the enterprise-level security and compliance features you expect from Office 365

The best thing about Teams for educators and IT peers in this world: Teams comes as standard with every Office 365 for Education package, including the free version. In addition: Microsoft has made the decision to make Teams available to as many people as possible ensuring the support of public health and helping teams to stay connected while they work apart. Whether individuals or business members – Microsoft offers different opportunities to access your Teams freemium version still today. There is no end date (release date: March 5, 2020). Being part of Office 365 means Microsoft Teams comes with built-in integrations to Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, OneNote, Office 365 Groups, and more. This allows you to maximize your Office 365 investments, while providing a simple and secure user experience across tools.

For some institutions, their faculty and students may already be using core Office 365 functionality such as Exchange Online and OneDrive for their mailbox and file storage/sharing respectively. However, their usage of Office 365 may not extend beyond this point. Generally, this might be because many Office 365 services have been introduced in the past few years, but have yet to be deployed in an organized fashion by the institution’s IT department.

What Does Teams for Education Offer You From an IT Perspective? 

As an IT expert, you know that data protection and security are at the top of your everyday routines requiring a reliable and secure IT environment but providing flexibility and meeting all communication and collaboration needs at the same time. However, corporate data is what is at stake inside of Teams. Microsoft Teams protects team data securely using strong security measures including two-factor authentication, hard passwords, and access policies.

 Your data is encrypted, whether it is chat, notes, or files. Microsoft leverages Intune in Office 365 to provide users with access the data from any device while still maintaining compliance. Intune protects and manages the devices your educators and students use, the mobile applications used to access the data, allows for sharing rules to be put in place to manage how the data is used, and parameters can be set to ensure the applications and devices are compliant within the range of corporate security rules. In addition, Microsoft is working to ensure that all of its products have security-first features embedded in them and Teams is no exception.

At its core Teams is part of the Office 365 suite that complies with enterprise-grade cloud security. The application allows for single-sign in authorization through Active Directory, while the files are all stored in SharePoint and secured via SharePoint encryption.

Office 365 has strong commitments around security, compliance, privacy and transparency and Microsoft Teams was created upon the same principles. You’ll find compliance built-in, with support for industry standards including ISO 27001 and 27018, SOC 1 and SOC 2, FERPA, EU Model Clauses, and more. Whether your end goal is increased productivity, enhanced collaboration or a migration off legacy PBX, executing a precise and custom fit Unified Communications strategy is an essential piece to your school’s digital transformation. In the beginning it’s crucial for every IT admin to understand Microsoft Teams, learn more about how to deploy Teams and finally launch Teams within your school successfully.

Start Your Journey to Microsoft Teams Today and Learn About the Ideal Strategy

Although the value of Microsoft Teams for Education is unquestioned, we often find that the concept of intelligent communication is still new to many IT departments which increases the challenges of getting a technology like Teams deployed for thousands of different users. 

If you’re a school leader or IT Admin deploying Microsoft Teams for the first time, your goal is to set your administrators, schools, and teachers up for success from Day One. Brush up on some best practices for architecting your teams and channels to ensure streamlined communication and time-saving organization. 

When it comes to getting you there as fast as possible but without compromising on quality and services, we at SoftwareONE are the best. 

Discuss with our experts the features of Microsoft Teams, along with the benefits, risks and rewards of a successful Unified Communications strategy.

Empower and Innovate Your School with Microsoft Teams

Discover how educators can create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and easily communicate with school staff and administration.

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