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Tech News: IT Insights in July

What has been going on in the IT world in July? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT.

Vendor News

AWS' Z1d compute instance aims to be 'fastest in public cloud'

IBM research: Data breaches hit companies' reputation and bottom line

Microsoft will end support for Skype 'Classic' after September 1

Oracle's Blockchain Cloud Service is generally available

Windows 10 after three years: A greatly improved report card

Microsoft calls for government regulation of facial recognition tech

Microsoft introduces a free version of Teams, going head-to-head with Slack

Oracle beats Q4 estimates on solid cloud services growth

Snowflake's cloud data warehouse comes to Microsoft Azure

Autodesk buys construction software startup Assemble Systems

SUSE acquired from Micro Focus by EQT

10 Major Microsoft Announcements At Inspire 2018

Adobe fixes over 100 vulnerabilities in latest patch

New Citrix Workspace App launching later this year, here’s what you need to know about it

Microsoft delivers public previews of its Office 2019 server products

Microsoft  previews what's coming in Dynamics 365 this October

Tech News

Gartner  Survey Finds Only 65 Percent of Organizations Have a Cybersecurity Expert

The 6 coolest tech innovations being used at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

5G services could change everything, but just not yet

Gartner  Identifies Six Barriers to Becoming a Digital Business

Cybersecurity rundown : The 5 most critical threats to businesses in 2018

What is the future of IoT? 

The Top 10 Big Data Tools And Technologies Of 2018  (So Far)

The future of IT jobs : A business leader's guide

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