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SoftwareONE Strengthens its Commitment to FinOps Best Practice

For over three decades SoftwareONE has been at the forefront of innovation in the IT industry.  We have provided the expertise and advice that our customers have come to trust and rely on, we are recognized as a Leader in this space by organizations such as Gartner. Since the technology was first introduced, we have helped our customers to manage their investments in cloud, supporting their digital transformation journeys.  As a leader in cloud, we are now proud to announce that SoftwareONE has increased its long-standing commitment to the FinOps Foundation by becoming a Premier Member.

For several years SoftwareONE has been an active member of the Foundation, participating on several key councils and interest groups as well as regular Foundation events that have promoted Cloud Financial Management best practice.  Our team of cloud experts have used these principles to save our customers many millions in wasted expenditure, our FinOps services are fully certified by the Foundation, as is our PyraCloud platform.

Our Commitment To The FinOps Foundation

As a member of the FinOps Foundation we are committed to advancing the discipline of cloud financial management through best practices, education and standards. The FinOps Foundation has over 5,400 individual members, that represent more than 1500 companies.  The Foundation provides a variety of training and certification programs, SoftwareONE is proud to be a regular contributor to the Foundation’s initiatives and events. Read more about the FinOps Foundation.

As part of our commitment to driving industry best practice, SoftwareONE has invested significantly in becoming a FinOps Certified Service Provider (FCSP) and having it’s PyraCloud platform approved as a FinOps Certified Platform (FCP).  Furthermore, our growing global team now boasts well over 150 FinOps Certified Practitioners, as recognized by the FinOps Foundation.

FinOps Certified Platform
FinOps Certified Service Provider

We are now an established global leader in Cloud Financial Management and have recently also been recognized as a leader in the related Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant’ report for Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services. Our team of experts are helping our global customers to control and optimize their Cloud spend and drive value from these investments, through FinOps best practice based on the proven Inform, Optimize and Operate model.

Control Your Cloud Expenditure

Our FinOps experts help our customer gain visibility and control over their existing cloud costs, drive accountability for their spend and simplify their cloud budget management processes. Critical decision making is then based on trustworthy data that enables a business’s leadership team to identify optimization opportunities and automate key tasks that can accelerate their IT function and key business development initiatives.

Whatever our client’s level of FinOps maturity, our team of certified practitioners are on hand to provide expert support and advice that can save them up to and over 25% of their current cloud expenditure, savings achieved can be more significant as they progress on their digital transformation journey.  Our certified services portfolio includes…

  • Cloud FinOps Diagnostic:
    This establishes a best practice baseline across your business on cloud financial management.
  • Cloud FinOps Starter Pack:
    This includes the Diagnostic, a 30-day trial of our cloud management platform as well as a detailed business case showing the savings, efficiency and various improvement areas of your cloud estates.
  • Cloud Cost Optimization:
    Our service helps identify and remediate your cloud waste by right-costing and right-sizing.
  • Managed FinOps:
    Implements a FinOps model for the management of your cloud ecosystem, that increases your organization’s ability to understand and optimize its cloud costs and supports continuous improvement.

Find Out More

SoftwareONE becomes a Premier Member of the FinOps Foundation building on its commitment to cloud management best practice. For more information on our FinOps services visit our website.

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