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Oracle Contract Health Analysis

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Oracle increases its support maintenance fee with 4% year over year. However, you don’t have to pay that. Yes, Oracle Support may offer to waive this 4% if you commit to renew for 36 months (instead of the standard 12 months). But there are different ways to avoid this. Not being required to commit for 36 months and making sure that you don’t have to pay the 4% increase sounds appealing, right?

In addition, we see in our daily practice that 80% of Oracle customers are paying every year support maintenance fees on licenses they are not using. So, how can you save costs on your Oracle support renewal?

In an interactive session between Richard Spithoven and Ruud Aanstoot, we answered the above questions and more.

Topics that we addressed

  • Oracle customers’ pains, as seen in our daily practice
  • What is and how does the 4% indexation work
  • What is and how does the repricing clause work
  • How you can start saving costs

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