Funding Innovation by Reducing your fixed IBM Software Support Costs

Funding Innovation by Reducing your fixed IBM Software Support Costs

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Many large enterprises are finding ways to fund innovation by reducing annual software support costs. With 79% of large firms in Europe and North America already using third party support providers, availing of this option is now a competitive priority.

SoftwareOne and Origina have partnered to bring an innovative approach which can help organizations save on their annual IBM software support costs and potentially avoid future expenses on their IBM software. Watch the webinar to learn more.


  • The attractiveness of Third Party Support in the market today.
  • How Origina and SoftwareONE deliver high-value services with their global IBM experts.
  • Case study examples showing customer savings both through improved support and directly to the bottom line.

Featured Speakers

  • Brendan Walsh, Chief Commercial Officer, Origina.
  • Patrick Lim, IBM Advisory Services Lead, APAC, SoftwareONE.

Watch the Full Webinar

Watch the on-demand version of the webinar to know more about how SoftwareONE and Origina can help you save on your annual IBM Software Support costs.


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