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Delivering true ROI for your IBM Software and Support Costs

IBM Advisory Services

SoftwareONE and Origina extend the lifecycle of customers’ IBM software to maximize the return on investment of their software assets. Efficient and cost effective ticket resolution is only part of what the service delivers. Acting as an extension to the customer’s technical and SAM team, SoftwareONE and Origina employs a value-rich technical and SAM service offering which protects the applications from security and compliance risk, vendor forced upgrade cycles and offers enhanced application functionality, while ensuring the products continue to deliver significant value to the business for years to come.

The core services behind SoftwareONE’s and Origina’s software support offering and the value-add services that accompany them are driven by three fundamental principles: Extend the longevity and lifecycle of the software; Protect the security, compliance, and stability of the software; Enhance the performance, ROI, and functionality of the software. It’s our belief that building a software technical and license support and maintenance strategy on these three principles delivers the quality-of-service customers have been demanding from vendors and puts the customer firmly back in control of their product roadmap strategy.

Benefits of switching to Origina + SoftwareONE

  • Quality support delivered 24x7x365 by dedicated and experienced Global IBM® Experts
  • Comprehensive protection via layered approach to software and application security
  • Freedom to define and implement a unique IT Roadmap according to business needs
  • Guaranteed faster response and resolution times on tickets
  • Ensure you know exactly what software is deployed, how much is deployed, what is required or not required
  • Deploy, use and upgrade to any entitled IBM® version
  • Optimize your IBM software license estate
  • Save 50 percent annually on software support costs

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