ITAM’s Time to Shine
Gaining visibility within the C-Suite

ITAM’s Time to Shine Gaining visibility within the C-Suite

Given the current state of the world, IT Asset Managers are feeling more pressure than ever to reduce costs. Everyone in the C-Suite wants answers around how to reduce spend, spend smarter, justify spend, and so on.

Up until this point, however, many individuals in IT Asset Management (ITAM) roles have felt as though they’ve been working in the shadows. If you’re in ITAM, there’s a good chance you’ve found it difficult to get your efforts recognized by the same internal stakeholders that are asking for answers. While it isn’t exactly easy to build relationships with senior executives, it shouldn’t be impossible. In fact, now is your time to shine.

Webinar summary

SoftwareONE experts teamed up with ITAM Review for an insightful webinar that will provide you with the strategies you need to not only make your work more visible to the C-Suite, but make it shine.


  • Current Situation/Challenges
  • Short, Medium and Long-Term Actions
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Use Case Examples


Featured Speakers

  • Rich Gibbons, Head of Content and Training, The ITAM Review
  • Antony Attfield, Head of Software Lifecycle Management Solutions, SoftwareONE
  • Dan Ortman, Professional Services Director, SoftwareONE 

Watch the Full Webinar

Watch the on-demand version of the webinar “ITAM’s Time to Shine: Gaining Visibility Within the C-Suite” to learn how to not only make your work visible to the C-Suite but make it shine!


How can SoftwareONE support Your C-Suite strategy?

We know that ITAM is critical to the success of an organization. With our Diagnostic Platform, we can provide you with a 360-degree view of your software estate, so you can bring stronger insights to the C-Suite.

We have a great deal of experience working with the C-Level and believe in the benefits of strong SLM. That’s why we provide our customers with a comprehensive diagnostic tool that their C-Suite can really leverage. This means the C-Level stays informed through real-time dashboards, so they remain apprised of areas that need to be addressed in the short term and long term. We understand that people need relevant data insights for the C-Suite, and we can help mine the most useful - and most digestible - elements.

Plus, holistic diagnostics bring a level of audit protection to the organization that you may not have had before, so your C-Suite can rest easy knowing you have proactive audit defense.

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