Announcing SoftwareONE as a Microsoft H1 Top Teams Partner

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Microsoft Names SoftwareONE H1 Top Teams Partner

Announcing SoftwareONE as a Microsoft H1 Top Teams Partner

  • 28 September 2021
  • Bob Weber
  • 4 minutes to read

There’s no doubt that last year was a challenging one. And now more than ever, collaboration and productivity are the keys to a successful hybrid workplace. To recognize partners that have been able to successfully and consistently guide customers through every step of their journey, from purchase to adoption, Microsoft has announced the winners of their H1 Teams Top Partner Contest.

This contest was launched to honor partners that showed extreme commitment to their Microsoft Teams practices, and SoftwareONE is extremely proud to announce that we’ve been named an H1 Teams Top Partner. Let’s dive into what this recognition means to us, what has brought us to this point, and what it means for our customers.

What Brought Us Here

With more than 30 years of experience working with Microsoft, our experts at SoftwareONE can provide the best Microsoft solutions and services to support our customers’ digital transformation initiatives. To continuously enhance our MSP business, we’ve made several strategic investments in services that align with Microsoft’s priorities. As an organization, we’ve made it a priority to drive rapid growth in both the Modern Workplace and Teams offerings with ongoing improvements to customer experience. It will remain our mission to help our customers accelerate adoption and enable them to truly leverage the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Enabling Digital & Commercial Transformation

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations are facing today is the struggle to digitally transform. To really embrace the benefits of digitalized businesses, organizations must leverage their commercial and technology transformation first. At SoftwareONE, digital transformation is incredibly important to us, and we know Microsoft is deeply tied to this mission as well. With all of our offerings, we will always have our customers’ technology and commercial transformation in mind. 

From Modern Workplace to Teams, we know that customers need extra support in implementing, adopting, and managing Microsoft products. That’s why we’ve designed our solutions in such a way that helps our customers to truly transform their processes. This ultimately leads to streamlined communication, lowered costs, increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and more. We know both digital and commercial transformations are integral components of staying ahead of the competition - keeping pace is no longer enough. And at SoftwareONE, transformation will remain a core focus of all of all our Microsoft offerings.

Helping to Boost Efficiency and Productivity with Microsoft Teams 

SoftwareONE also strives to help customers simplify and accelerate their Teams adoption process so every employee can feel better connected to and more productive within his/her respective departments and more productive. At SoftwareONE, we ensure our customers have the tools they need to communicate more effectively, collaborate more easily with built-in Microsoft 365 business applications, implement Microsoft applications or third-party services to drive business growth, and more. 

In order to do this, we must first provide our customers with a solid, strong technology base. This is the foundation of all our offerings, and it is what we believe has enabled the success we’ve seen our customers have with their own journeys today.

Moving forward, our mission is to help our customers build upon that base and truly enable them to utilize their tools to the fullest. We aim to increase productivity, improve collaboration amongst team members, enhance security by leveraging the highest privacy standards of Microsoft, and lower implementation and operational costs. All these benefits have become a must during these uncertain times, and we will always continue to work to help our customers adapt and adopt.

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Protecting Your M365 Investments 

Finally, with an increased number and severity of threats on the rise, managing security within M365 is a challenge facing organizations around the world. We support our customers through the robust and reliable security solutions we’ve built to protect their M365 investments.

Our various M365 security offerings enable our customers to effectively respond to security threats and leverage the full benefits of their M365 investments. Our customers look to us as a trusted partner that helps protect their M365 environment, and we’re ready to deliver. With the number of employees working from home and the increased complexity of threats facing businesses today, security is a top priority. At SoftwareONE, we will support our customers’ security strategy from the intitial implementation all the way through to ongoing monitoring and management of their M365 investments. 

Final Thoughts

Being recognized as a Microsoft Top H1 Top Teams Partner is an honor. This award enforces our mission of providing our customers with the support and expertise they need to succeed. We know that organizations invest in Microsoft to achieve a wide range of benefits, and we will always work to ensure they meet their goals and more.

From security to adoption, SoftwareONE is here to support your Microsoft strategy.

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Bob Weber

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