The Diagnostic

A 360 Degree View Into Your Software Estate

The Diagnostic

SoftwareONE’s Diagnostic Platform includes a set of assessment-based services that bring meaningful and actionable insights to your organization. The services provide insights to improve management, simplify operations, and reduce spend of software and cloud assets.

SoftwareONE understands that aside from your people, your software is your largest and most valuable expense. Our team can help guide you from an initial data analysis to compliance processes through to full consulting and managed services based on your IT Asset Management needs.

Common Challenges

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Cost Management

Identifying opportunities for cost optimization &
reduction of unexpected expenditures

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Gaining clear visibility of the current situation to define a strategy 

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Measuring your current situation against the average customer & industry best practices 

Waste on SaaS spend is 35%

Spend on software is one of the largest investments any organization has – aside from its people – and yet as more organizations move to the cloud spend is not being managed in relation to how the business uses the software. A comprehensive diagnostic service with SoftwareONE can help you rein in costs while improving ROI.


Optimized SLM with The Diagnostic

Software lifecycle management is the combination of procurement and SAM to maximize the value of your software and cloud portfolios.

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Automating the Review of your Software Estate

Having access to a fully-automated, real-time assessment of your entire software estate from an ITAM perspective is invaluable and brings a myriad of benefits to the organization. SoftwareONE leverages the functionality of The Diagnostic – our proprietary digital supply chain tool that allows organizations to benchmark, collaborate and track their progress across the software estate based on over 10,000 consulting hours. It provides a visual dashboard of maturity, industry standards, project tracking and real-time recommendations to ensure your software estate is ready for your business needs today and in the future.


Review and tracking of progress done automatically


Current state review of software assets – no longer reactively addressing issues

Elevating SAM to C-level

Software spend is increasing and becoming more complicated – providing a comprehensive diagnostic tool that the c-suite can leverage is a key benefit of The Diagnostic.


Real-time dashboards keep the IT and c-level apprised of areas that need to be addressed in the near and long-term

Proactive Audit Defense

Holistic diagnostics of the software estate bring a new level of audit protection to the organization

The Diagnostic Service

Best Practice of SLM Industry Assessment

Gain input into the assessment from all parts of the organization that touch software.

Multiple Assessments and Improvement Tracking

Compare assessment results with graphical representations for the key process areas to see how your SLM implementation is progressing. Evaluate your SLM infrastructure against the principles of industry standards, best practice frameworks and our long-standing knowledge of the SLM industry.

Cloud Management Review & Recommendation

Cloud computing does not preclude an organization’s need for SLM. The cloud environment is simply a different infrastructure where SLM processes need to operate effectively. The Diagnostic addresses the changing requirements of managing software outside of the traditional IT environments incorporating concepts such as the Internet of Things (IOT) where new assets types are being defined, BOYD and the exponential rise in SaaS offering with new business and licensing models.

Global Software Compliance

Vendor audit stories shared anonymously by our clients, including audit dates, vendor, company size, timescale for completion, who and why performed the audit, audit methodology, issues encountered, and negotiating notes.

Radar View

Get a radar view of your SLM optimization efforts. Graphical reporting with clear visual data allows SLM Managers to demonstrate to management teams in a succinct and practical manner.

Starburst Linked to Actions

Focus on underperforming areas of software management, critical to the success of a SLM program.

Detailed Recommendations with Scheduled Timescales

Create a timeline of activities and assign resource to complete them to detail business requirements for an effective SLM system.

Simplified Software Licensing Creates Business Advantage

A multi-national banking software company, COBIS planned new market expansion. SoftwareONE supported their success with SAMSimple for increased Software Asset Management control.


SAM Flowing Smoothly for a Major Water Utility

A trusted partnership with SoftwareONE helped his major water company gain compliance and significant ROI for Oracle, SAP, IBM, and more, through customized software asset management.


SoftwareONE Acquires Cutting-Edge Governance Technology SAMSentry

SoftwareONE recently acquired SAMSentry, a software governance technology. The technology will be incorporated into SoftwareONE’s managed services portfolio, to work in conjunction with industry-leading Software Asset Management (SAM)…


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