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At SoftwareONE we know that your software estate, on-premises and in the cloud, is expensive and complicated but our Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) practice works with you to provide the people, process and tools to manage, optimize and create business advantage throughout your hybrid world. Cloud users are wasting approximately 35% of their spend – let us help you avoid the waste.

Visibility into Usage

I want to understand what we own and who is using it.

Contract and License Complexity

I need to properly manage entitlements and understand the complex software agreements.

Software Audits

I want to mitigate the financial risks of an audit and being out of compliance.

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Software Lifecycle Management is Strategic to Your Business

In the past Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) was thought of as a nice to have or something you quickly cobbled together if hit with an audit. Today, organizations have realized that having a proactive SLM engagement that combines the best in people, process and technology provides a level of actionable information to a company that allows them to drive change, save money and keep their software estate protected. Today’s blurred lines of on-premises and cloud, lack of visibility into who own what and which employees are using what software bloats budgets and leaves companies vulnerable to audit and data insecurities. SLM can stop all of that. SLM with SoftwareONE takes the burden off of your in-house resources as well.

Highly experienced, Software Portfolio Management, Software Lifecycle Management, Procurement, and technology services experts serve as trusted advisors for our customers.

We provide real-time insights and we always work on the customers’ behalf, helping them maximize their returns to drive innovation. We are tool agnostic with global focus and global purchasing power.

We work with the top software asset management tools in the industry bringing you the optimal experience in data collection and analysis to make sure your SLM program is successful.

SoftwareONE awarded as Global Partner of the Year

Flexera recently announced its Partner of the Year Awards. SoftwareONE established themselves as a premier Flexera Enterprise partner worldwide through optimization of software estate from on-premises to the cloud, leveraging extensive technical and commercial enterprise.

Enhanced Security

This is in relation to both audits and knowing your software estate - the more detail you have on what is deployed the better you can protect it. Software Lifecacle Management helps you do this.

Increased Intelligence

SLM provides companies with a full report of what is deployed, the contract terms, and license inventory, enabling you to make smarter IT decisions in regards to software deployment and consumption, resulting in marked cost savings.

Leverage Resource Expertise

Not every organization has the internal resources to conduct a SLM engagement. Using a third party tool and the related expertise behind the tool, alleviates the burden on your IT department.

Reduce Costs

Over one third of software deployed is wasted. SLM provides the information you need to clamp down on wasted costs.

If you are just starting out on your SLM / SAM journey be sure to learn more about our SAMSimple solution . We can begin with an advisory project and guide you on how SAM can bring efficiencies to your organization.

Your SLM Deep-Dive

SLM Advisory Services

Establish a baseline of your current state-of-compliance through a thorough understanding of your current installed software estate against entitled licenses, ensuring compliance of your infrastructure for your customers. SofwareONE provides professional services for compliance for many vendors (including but not limited to: Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, VMware ). We can help customer navigate true-up/renewals, or vendor audits and we accomplish this by leveraging best in class tooling and internal processes, along with the skills of experienced consultants from around the globe many of whom are former software auditors for top tier vendors.

SLM Diagnostic Services

For a 360 degree view into your software estate from procurement to retirement leverage our SAM Diagnostic Services to provide on-going, real-time insights into your overall SLM program. SLM Diagnostics is a robust service that includes data analysis, compliance processes evaluation through to holistic managed services of your IT Asset Management environment. To learn more visit our SLM Diagnostics overview today.

SAM Maturity Assessment Tool

SoftwareONE’s exclusive online maturity assessment tool provides you a baseline of where you are on your SAM maturity journey today. Using our quick and easy online tool you will have a better understanding of where your SAM maturity gaps lie and what actions to take to improve your SAM program. Take the assessment today.

Further SoftwareONE Services

What is Software Asset Management?

SAM is all the capabilities necessary for the effective management, control and protection of software assets throughout all stages of their lifecycle.


Digital Supply Chain

SoftwareONE’s Procurement Services can help you efficiently and cost-effectively handle the procurement process and maintain value throughout the entire software lifecycle.



With PyraCloud from SoftwareONE you gain single pane view into your entire software portfolio.


SAM Business Case

This guide will show you how to build up a business case for Software Asset Management

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