Register for SoftwareONE’s KickOff Event at VMworld EMEA

Join us at VMworld EMEA

OneOceanClub, Barcelona (Spain) |  November 4th, 7 p.m.


SoftwareONE’s VMware Software and Advisory Services experts have over 20+ years of experience guiding organizations on the best path forward in regards to virtualization and cloud services to make your digital transformation hopes a reality.

We are excited to have you join us for the kick off premier event at this year’s VMworld in Barcelona on Monday November 4th at 7pm at the OneOceanClub.

We will have SoftwareONE experts on hand to help you navigate your virtualization strategy while ensuring your cloud infrastructure is optimized to leverage your VMware investments. Let us make VMworld 2019 your best event yet.


*SoftwareONE extends this invitation to you as a valued customer, without the intention of unduly influencing or giving the impression of influencing your business decisions. In particular, we do not expect any favoritism, exclusive treatment or new business resulting from this invitation.
SoftwareONE is willing to cover admission tickets and meals, if your attendance is in line with your company’s Code of Ethics and provided that it does not preclude SoftwareONE from bidding or otherwise extending business proposals to you/your company. 

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