Your Single Source for Digital Inclusion & Accessibility Resources

Your Single Source for

Digital Inclusion & Accessibility Resources

Your Single Source for Digital Inclusion & Accessibility Resources

Diversity & Inclusion is key to innovation and disruption. A more diverse perspective leads to better ideas, and better ideas drive innovation. Businesses must look to build a culture that brings everyone along and includes perspectives that reflect the diversity of their own customers around the world. Investing in attracting a diverse group of people, placing a premium on creating an inclusive environment, and providing workplace tools and features that very intentionally include, rather than inadvertently exclude, should be an organizational priority. An aspect of this is a focus on accessibility. Everyone who works with or uses Modern Workplace tools should feel that they belong and that IT deploys and supports products with them in mind. Organizations need to give people the technology they need to work independently and efficiently from any device. To affect real and lasting change, HR and IT teams need to come together to understand the needs of all their users and drive adoption and change management. It’s time to adapt and adopt.

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Experts forecast that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 do not exist today.


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More than 1 billion people or 15% of the global population live with a disability.


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At least 80% of websites failing to meet minimum requirements for accessibility.


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Nearly 50% of product development teams don't conduct usability testing by people with disabilities.

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Panel Discussion

Digital Inclusion & Accessibility

Learn from early-adopting Microsoft partners like SoftwareONE on how they have leveraged Microsoft's investment in accessibility to embed it as a strategic priority within their companies.

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Events & Webinars

Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (01): How to Drive Your Microsoft 365 Adoption

Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or you are planning to onboard new features of Microsoft's productivity suite, this series helps you to plan, develop and design your adoption strategy. Part 1 will help you to envision your future state.

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Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (02): How to Train Your M365 User Champions

Explore how to build and launch your individual M365 pre-adoption plan, including a look at your real launch and how you make sure to involve your early adopters as well before rolling out an organization-wide launch plan.

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Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (03): How to Deliver Lasting Change with M365

In this session we will be focusing on driving value and how to reach sustain success of your adoption strategy. Learn more about how to maintain the momentum and building upon your success for planning the initial launch of M365 to your business.

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Information on Digital Inclusion & Accessibility for Download

Accessibility in the Public Sector

Through the findings uncovered from Freedom of Information requests, this exclusive research report details how councils are working hard to address the accessibility needs of its citizens and employees, as digital connectivity becomes the norm.

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Infographic: How To Drive Digital Inclusion

Infographic: How to Drive Digital Inclusion

Our jobs and ways of working will change profoundly in the next decade. That is why accessibility is essential to achieving success in a changing world. Have a look at some practical ways to make your workplace more inclusive and accessible.

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Accessibility Features in M365

 Infographic: Accessibility Features in M365

There‘s no limit to what people can achieve when the technology they use reflects their diversity. Get to know how Microsoft 365 makes your workplace more inclusive and accessible.

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Microsoft 365 allows people to find ways to make their computing experience more comfortable. We help your organization accelerate adoption and realize the full benefits of Microsoft 365 (formerly: Office 365), including its full range of…


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