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Maturity in SLM Strategy and Governance

Maturity in SLM Strategy and Governance

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When it comes to SAM, we have heard it all before, as ITIL said it best, “Software Asset Management is the right blend of People, Systems and Processes required to effectively manage your software and software-related assets through each and every stage of their lifecycle.”

Despite the repeated messaging we have all heard, the message is either not heard, or very often thrown in the ‘too hard, too expensive’ bucket.

With the increasing adoption of cloud services, Procurement and IT Asset Managers must adapt to eliminate wasteful consumption while minimizing non-compliance across multiple technology environments. At SoftwareONE, our Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) practice works with you to provide the people, process and tools to manage, optimize and create business advantage throughout your hybrid world. Our team is comprised of experts who understand the complexities of licensing and can help you solve your toughest challenges, no matter how small or large the publisher. We complement your team, bringing in more resources and expertise to help you easily manage your entire software estate.

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