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Cloud Spend Management, PyraCloud
3 Steps to Control Cloud Sprawl
  • 16 July 2019
  • Dawn Clifton
  • PyraCloud, Managed Cloud
  • Cloud Sprawl, Cloud Portfolio Management, SAMSimple, SaaS

3 Steps to Control Cloud Sprawl

The cloud provides many benefits, but can have unintended consequences – like cloud sprawl. Learn how to combat this with cloud portfolio management.

Considerations when moving to the Cloud posting

Top 3 Considerations for Procurement Officers When Moving to the Cloud

Procurement teams are poised to play a larger role in digital strategy and cloud management. Learn three key focus areas that will help procurement maximize cloud benefits while reducing associated risks.


The Importance of Centralizing Tagging in a - Multi-Cloud Environment

Multi-cloud environments are complex. Learn why centralized tagging is a vital process within cloud spend management efforts and which strategies can help you overcome tagging challenges.


Cloud Spend Management: The Importance of a Hybrid Approach to IT

Cloud spending is on the rise. While the adoption of cloud technologies has soared, organizations are beginning to realize that widespread cloud adoption comes with a wide array of novel demands for IT teams. Effective cloud spend management…

Pave the Way to an Optimal Digital Supply Chain with PyraCloud
  • 31 January 2019
  • Dawn Clifton
  • PyraCloud
  • Supply Chain

Pave the Way to an Optimal Digital Supply Chain with PyraCloud

We are very excited to announce the latest enhancement to PyraCloud called Procurement Workbench.

Is Software Asset Management the Tonic for your Cloud Headache?

Is Software Asset Management the Tonic for Your Cloud Headache?

We recently ran a joint webinar with Snow Software where our experts discussed how you can take control of your cloud environment and reduce cloud costs. Get an overview of the most important take-aways.

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