Team Up with SoftwareONE: Co-authoring Made Easy with Microsoft Teams

Team Up with SoftwareONE:
Co-Authoring the Easy Way

Team Up with SoftwareONE: Co-authoring Made Easy with Microsoft Teams

Teamwork makes the dream work. But not without the right tools and features. In the second part of our new series "Team Up with SoftwareONE"  we explain how to efficiently collaborate on a document with multiple people within Microsoft Teams.

Brainstorming on a new project, revising the budget or creating a new business strategy,– sooner or later in all these working scenarios you will need to collaborate with several people on a document. Sending drafts back and forth and playing ping-pong with conflicted versions cannot be the solution.

Teams facilitates co-authoring and is designed change the way you collaborate with people. Now imagine you’ve created a document and want to share it and also enable co-authoring with your coworkers. The document may be stored in your personal circle within OneDrive for Business or Teams Communication. To enable co-authoring and communication in project group you need to promote the document from your personal circle to your project Team site or inner circle. The advantage of Teams? You have a communication history or thread around the document in question in one place and not spread across different storage locations or communication channels and you have enabled co-authoring of the document by the project Team.

How Can I Co-author within Teams?

To co-author you need to create a new Team site. Here is your step by step guide:

1. Click on “Join or create a team”

Join or create a new team, source: SoftwareONE

2. Go to “Create Team”

Create a team
Create a new team, source: SoftwareONE

Add a team name and choose a privacy status. Then you can invite team members and assign them usage rights. As page owners your colleagues will be able to add people and edit the page. If needed you can create channels within the page that work like sub-folders and give structure to projects that are more complex.

add team name and members, source: SoftwareONE

What are the Advantages of Co-auhtoring within Teams?

First, it’s easy. You can create a Microsoft Team site and channels for specific projects yourself within seconds. No need to go to IT and ask for support. This self-serve creation of Microsoft Team sites will save you time and make your work routine more efficient.

Previously documents for editing purposes went back and forth and did not facilitate co-authoring. Co-authoring was non-intuitive and rather complicated compared to collaboration in SharePoint for example where you had to save the document to OneDrive or SharePoint Online and send a link to the respective document to invite people. Whereas within a Teams site or channel co-authoring is enabled by default. What does that mean? If you open or upload a document in a site or channel it opens automatically in Word Online. You can then edit the file right within Teams simultaneously with your colleagues from anywhere and any device. You can communicate on this document via chat and save important notes within the communication thread.

To Sum it up

The value of co-authoring lies in improved business productivity and efficiency. It is easy, will save you time and make you work much more efficient.

In the next "Team Up with SoftwareONE" blog post we’ll talk about versioning and explain how to take documents offline.

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  • Wednesday 24 April 2019

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