Office 2019 vs Office 365

Office 2019 vs Office 365

The new Office perputal version, Office 2019, was released on September 24, 2018 as announced by Microsoft. If you are currently thinking about updating your Office application, you may also have come across Office 365 ProPlus or any of their other Office 365 plans.

Are you looking for answers to any of the following questions?

  • What are the new features of Office 2019?
  • What is the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365?
  • Which requirements are there for deploying Office 2019 and Office 365?
  • How can the new Office help me meet my business needs?

Our whitepaper will provide you with answers. This way, we hope you will be able to opt for the solution that best fits your current and future requirements, while also considering current trends and developments that keep challenging the way people work today.