Video Conferences, Meetings and Calls

One Tool Fitting all Needs

Video Conferences, Meetings and Calls: Communicating Within the Company Using Just One Tool

Almost certainly you are a little skeptical, to begin with at least. Can just one single tool handle all these tasks, at the right price, in brilliant quality and with all the features you need? It’s worth taking a closer look though, as Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise E5 offers companies a stack of sophisticated options in the area of video telephony and video conferencing. The integrated Skype for Business comes with advanced features that should definitely make you prick up your ears. Our blog article gives you the lowdown on what it is and does.

Outstanding broadcast quality without expensive video technology

As IT manager, you are no doubt asking how all of this is meant to work? Outstanding broadcast quality without expensive video technology. Your company is absolutely right to demand high standards and uphold strict values. You also need to consider security standards, and the tool has to include specific add-on functions for video calls and conferences. Ideally, therefore, it must be an integrated solution that meaningfully complements your day-to-day business and office software, without restricting or inhibiting what you do. Does your company have a number of offices and operates internationally? You use lists, share files and documents, edit as a team and need to keep everyone up-to-date without generating additional workload. You think there is no way an inexpensive solution can offer all these things reliably.

Developed to meet your standards – Office 365 Enterprise E5 with Skype for Business

One platform for calls, conferences and videos with sophisticated share functions will help you slim down your infrastructure. Team collaboration and networking, all of it in the familiar setting of Office applications, will free up more time for productive output and greater space for creative innovation as well.

Working with Skype for Business in HD quality and with up to 250 participants at a time

It couldn’t be easier: As many as 250 participants can work together and share information simultaneously in a video conference, regardless of where they happen to be. They can also draw on additional tools such as screen sharing and real-time annotations. This way, everyone is up-to-date on the latest version of the project. And there’s more: You will always see who is currently speaking and which function that person holds. The Skype for Business participant list indicates who is attending the meeting and who has the floor. Plus, if some of the participants happen to be in a really noisy environment, you can simply mute them.

Now imagine for a minute that you don’t even need the Internet

Your employees, customers and partners can use the Audio Conference option to take part in Skype meetings, even when they are not connected to the Internet. Just call a local number to dial in or invite a person if you are already attending the conference: Simplifying your teamwork takes just one click or touch. PC, tablet or smartphone? Whatever you prefer!

10,000 reasons for webinars or staff meetings with Skype for Business

The Skype Meeting Broadcast feature lets you schedule meetings for up to 10,000 participants. This is a particularly handy way to organize webinars, staff meetings and other presentations given by one person to a large audience. Naturally, you can restrict participation to company members or invite all Internet users.

Dedicated, reliable and safe – anything else would be too costly for your company

Microsoft Office 365 is synonymous with comprehensive security and compliance – for single users and the entire company. You control and analyze your data, manage access rights, protect your IT from malware and email environment from zero day threats, malicious links and harmful email attachments, all of it in real time.

Would you like to learn more about Voice & Collaboration?

Teamwork is more important today than ever before: our Unified Communication team shows you how Office 365 E5 helps create seamless communication throughout your company.

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