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Tony Mackelworth

Tony Mackelworth

Head of Microsoft Advisory

Cloud, Digital Transformation, Licensing, Software Procurement Services
Move Over Office 365

Move Over Office 365 – Microsoft 365 is the Answer to the Modern Workplace

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. Let’s take a look at why this change occurred, what features you will gain, and more.


Windows 7 Extended Support: Now Is the Time to Take Action!

Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. Find out which far-reaching impact this will have on your environment.

microsoft 365
  • 19 February 2020
  • Tony Mackelworth
  • Managed Cloud, User Productivity, Digital Transformation, Managed Security
  • Microsoft 365, Microsoft

The Key Drivers to Moving to Microsoft 365 Today

Microsoft 365 is an excellent option for businesses and enterprises alike - but do you know why? Learn more about the key drivers for M365 migration.

Microsoft Makes Significant Licensing Changes to Compete with AWS, Google and Alibaba
  • 09 August 2019
  • Tony Mackelworth
  • Publisher Advisory
  • Microsoft Advisory Services, Licensing, Software Assurance

Understand the Latest Changes to Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft made a significant licensing change announcement effective October 1, 2019, that impacts all customers with on-premises workloads hosted on dedicated host offerings with hyper-scale cloud providers – Azure, AWS, Alibaba, and Google.

  • 19 June 2019
  • Tony Mackelworth
  • Publisher Advisory
  • SQL Server, EoS, Advisory Services, Microsoft

The Ultimate Guide to SQL 2008 End of Support

Need to prepare for SQL EoS? Read this guide to ensure that your organization is fully prepared to upgrade to SQL Server 2017 or Azure SQL Database.

SoftwareONE’s Perspective on Multi-Cloud – Stay In Control

SoftwareONE’s Perspective on Multi-Cloud – Stay In Control

Multi-cloud is on the rise. However, multi-cloud raises challenges as well as benefit.s which we cover in this post.

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