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Why You Need ONEClub Marketplace and Cloud Services for Cloud Selling

We’ve written at length in recent months about the process and importance of selecting a quality Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider. See What Do You Need from an Indirect CSP Partner? and Direct vs Indirect CSP: Which is Right for Your Organization?

In doing so, we’ve highlighted the requirements that Indirect Providers must meet to enable customer ordering, invoicing and support to their reseller partners. These services must not be overlooked or taken lightly. This is your front line interface with your customers and can make or break your indirect experience.

As an Indirect Reseller, you are essentially our customer. You need to be armed with the systems and processes to alleviate the administrative tasks and overhead that you would incur with a Direct partnership with Microsoft. Customer and credit management, SKUand price book control, order processing, invoicing, and license management, are just a few of the operational functions that enable your CSP business. These are also the basic services you should expect from your Indirect Provider’s platform.

Selling Microsoft cloud subscriptions while not complex on the surface can be quite cumbersome when trying to track multiple expiration dates, across varying product sets, and managing cloud usage across many customers. The ONEClub Marketplace not only enables partners with full license management capabilities but further provides cloud utilization reporting and alerting features. Drilling down into the usage by resource across specific date ranges allows you to track consumption trends for your customer.

The cloud telemetry data ensures your clients are not exceeding their monthly cloud budget or rogue cloud spend is occurring across their organization. Your clients gain further confidence and trust in you as their service provider knowing you have their financial interests in mind.

In addition to a comprehensive platform, quality and invested Indirect Providers offer technical support services to their partners and resellers. The best Providers deliver a flexible, highly available and proactive support team. SoftwareONE’s Cloud Support Team is global in reach across many languages with extensive knowledge of Microsoft cloud solutions. Technical issue resolution is a quick phone call or email away.

Many direct resellers have teams of people working in back-office roles to manage the above-mentioned customer operations and support. As a Microsoft partner, we have over 30 years of mastering the art of software and cloud licensing management, spend management and technical services.

Our ONEClub CSP Indirect program extends the same tools, knowledge and experience SoftwareONE uses to manage our direct Microsoft global business. Many partners have already selected ONEClub as their CSP Indirect Provider of choice – We encourage you to meet with us today and see how we can accelerate your Microsoft cloud business.

On-Demand Webinar

SoftwareONE's Guide to the Microsoft Partner Agreement and Onboarding Process for CSP Indirect Resellers

On September 1, 2019, the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) became available on Partner Center for partners participating in the Cloud Solution Prover (CSP) program. All partners are required to accept the agreement, including Indirect Resellers, prior to January 31, 2020, to ensure no disruption of their ability to create new customers or place new orders for existing customers in the CSP program.

Do not fear!  SoftwareONE will arm you with the information needed to lead you the way through the complexities of the MPA and partner onboarding process in Microsoft Partner Center.

This on-demand webinar will guide you through the new Microsoft requirements to ensure your indirect reseller business is compliant. Just fill out this form and get immediate acccess to the webinar.

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Paul O'Connor

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