Centralizing Software Entitlements

Centralizing Software Entitlements with TrakIT

Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) is about governing and managing the entirety of your software supply chain be it on-premises or in the cloud from request to retirement. When implemented effectively, SLM provides you the visibility into what you own (Entitlements), where it is installed (Inventory), and how well it is being used (Consumption) – what we like to call EIC.

Gaining Full Visibility and Insights

One of the first steps in SLM is to obtain full visibility into all the software entitlements. This will help your organization understand how a specific software should be used, provide insights on compliance risk, and provide you stronger negotiation details at the time of renewals. Typically this is a challenge because software procurement is decentralized and organizations do not have a single place where all software entitlements are captured.

In a recent survey by SoftwareONE to be released soon, organizations use – on average – five different cloud providers and a dozen different on-premises providers across the software supply chain, making the tracking of assets extremely difficult. Additionally, software entitlements can exist in various media formats, i.e., PDF, word documents, physical paper, etc.

Managing Software Entitlements

SoftwareONE can help with these challenges. If you are already purchasing your software assets through PyraCloud, the entitlement information is captured at the point of purchase. So, even if your software procurement is decentralized, as long as the federated procurement teams transact through PyraCloud, the entitlement information is a known entity.

Processing Data with TrakIT, soruce: SoftwareONE

On the other hand, you might be working with other third parties to procure your software. In which case the software entitlement information is not in a central location. This is where the SoftwareONE TrakIT service can help. SoftwareONE TrakIT is a comprehensive service offering that helps organizations gain full visibility into their software entitlements no matter where in the organization (or which third party) the software has been transacted.

SoftwareONE experts work directly with the customer to collect, de-duplicate and normalize all of the raw software entitlement data. Once normalized, the software entitlement information is centrally governed and managed via the PyraCloud platform. By having access to all of the information and insights on software entitlement information in a central, consolidated place, customers can better understand their software budgets and spend, procure more effectively, better negotiate during renewal time, and be prepared for any publisher audits.

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If you would like to learn more aboutSoftwareONE’s TrakIT service read the quick overview and contact us today.

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Timothy Neylan

Global SAM Architect

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