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Time and Distance Brings Perspective – an Introspective Blog Post

I’ve recently returned to SoftwareONE after taking some time at another organization. I previously worked for SoftwareONE as a Business Development Manager from 2009 through 2014 and it was a fantastic opportunity, that made it extremely difficult to move on to different pastures. However, one of the deciding factors – at the time – was I didn’t feel I was developing as quickly or as effectively as I had hoped.

Ongoing training is the key to a satisfied workforce. According to IBM, within three years every company loses on average a massive 41% of its staff. HR Magazine reports that companies investing $1,500 or more per employee per year on training average 24 percent higher profit margins than companies with lower yearly training investments.

Four Workshops in Four Months

Since returning to SoftwareONE in April, I’ve had the distinct pleasure to be a part of four different Learning and Development workshops led by Courtney Reynolds, both in our NYC office with my local team, as well as with a larger group of new-hires out in Waukesha, WI, our US-based headquarters. I can say with absolute certainty that, in my 13 years in the corporate world, I have never experienced a Learning and Development workshop/training that even comes marginally close to being as effective and valuable as the workshops I’ve received in the past few months.

Examples of workshops include: “Inspire through Culture”, “High-Performing Teams”, and “Effective Feedback”. Each session allows employees acquire new insights, strategies and mindsets that can help both them and their team become a more engaged and effective employee for SoftwareONE. The sessions can even impact their personal relationships outside of the office.

The Learning and Development team at SoftwareONE (which has been completely revamped since I left in 2014, and is headed by Lucretia Hall) has an incredible knack for getting the best out of individuals and teams in these settings. I’ve never seen a corporate training staff with the ability to navigate the sometimes extremely challenging conversations that occur during these workshops with the grace and effectiveness the SoftwareONE Learning and Development team have.

More Growth

In summary, I am extremely appreciative of the investment SoftwareONE has made in these workshops and in the greater Learning and Development team and curriculum. I feel I have grown more coming out of these sessions in just four short months, than I had in the prior five years.

Workers can become so jaded by the idea of “training” or “workshops” in corporate settings over the years because, most of the time, they can end up being full-day sessions of PowerPoint torture that typically lack focus, engagement and rarely result in any actionable outcomes that actually make us feel stronger in our roles.

This is not the Case at SoftwareONE

The current SoftwareONE model has been a breath of fresh air and I am grateful for the efforts that have been put forth to get this program to where it is today. Furthermore, the open dialogue and nature of feedback culled from these sessions gives me the assurance that, not only are these workshops effective today, but they will remain so moving forward. The Learning and Development team’s willingness to listen to feedback, give thoughtful consideration to the effectiveness of each module is unparalleled. I can’t wait to see what the future holds here at SoftwareONE.

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