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The Top 10 Best Free SharePoint Apps From the Microsoft Store

They are convenient, on-point and easy to handle: apps help you through the day. On your iPhone or Android smartphone or in SharePoint. Yes, you read that correctly. In SharePoint. There is a broad range of apps – or add-ins – in the popular collaboration tool, which help you add new functions or applications to an existing SharePoint page. While more and more IT decision makers opt for this program because SharePoint in particular can be flexibly adjusted to a company’s individual needs, the development of new functions still requires time and expertise. An application might be a quick and proven solution.

In Microsoft’s app store you can find more than 1,500 of helpful features and widgets. The price range extends from free of charge up to several hundreds of Euros.

We have put together a selection of SharePoint apps, which we believe to provide the best help. And to top it off, these apps can be downloaded for free.

Our Top 10 of the Most Helpful Free Apps for SharePoint

#1 - Word to Wiki Online (Lite)

This app allows Word compatible format documents, which are hosted in a SharePoint document library, to be published as a wiki article in a couple of button clicks. Graphical content doesn’t need to be uploaded beforehand as it is all uploaded automatically to a SharePoint picture library. Details

#2 - Word it!

…and here’s the app for the other way around. Word it! is an application designed to export SharePoint data to Word documents. Details

#3 - myFAQ

With the help of the myFAQ app FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) can be integrated into SharePoint. Thereby colleagues who are working together on a project can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions. The FAQs can be arranged according to priority and in an individual design. 

#4 - Dropbox Import

The name gives it away: This application enables the import of dropbox files to any SharePoint document library. Details

#5 - Documents shared with me

There are projects, where there are hundreds of documents scattered on different folders and team pages. If several colleagues are collaborating in one SharePoint, it might easily happen that they lose track of their documents. The Documents-shared-with-me-App can integrate in their sidebar an overview of all documents the user is currently working on. The list can be filtered by author or used with a search box. Access to the latest documents is granted at any time and from any place.

#6 - MeetSweet!

MeetSweet! is an App which enables invitations of colleagues, partners and customers to a meeting outside of an Office environment. Invitations are send via a calendar event. Details

#7 - My Locations

My Locations is a useful maps app for SharePoint2013. Maps can be integrated into team page, for instance, and subsidiaries of a company be tagged accordingly. Details

#8 - My SharePoint Sites

SharePoint offers its users numerous options for granting authorizations to the individual SharePoint sites. The more pages exist the faster one might lose track. The app displays all authorized sites of the respective user at one click and connects him or her with the respective site.  

#9 - Chart

This is a simple yet useful app: Chart shows stock data in SharePoint with the help of Yahoo Finance Charts. Details

#10 - YouTube Feeds

Youtube Feeds fetches the (public) videos of a user and displays them in the form of a slider. It has extensive configuration options with regards to the selection of videos, set user, different slider options etc. Details

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