BackupSimple Managed Service for ONEClub Partners

Safeguard Your Clients’ Microsoft 365 Investment

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BackupSimple Managed Service for ONEClub Partners: Safeguard Your Clients’ Microsoft 365 Investment

Protect Your Clients’ Microsoft 365 Data

For companies running Microsoft 365, Microsoft provides highly performant solutions that keep workforces productive. Native data protection in Microsoft 365 has it's limitations however and may be putting your clients at risk.. For complete coverage against accidental deletion, ransomware attacks, and other data loss threats, Microsoft recommends third party protection.

With the combination of world-class support from SoftwareONE and award-winning SaaS data protection from Metallic, your customers running Microsoft 365 can keep their data safe and recoverable in the face of ransomware and other data loss threats.

BackupSimple for ONEClub is an enterprise grade security and backup managed service for Microsoft 365 that enables you to deliver more value to your customers. All with no upfront capital cost or financial commitment. We work with you to complement your existing services and capabilities so you can focus on building long-term and profitable customer relationships.

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Enterprise-Proven Data Protection in a Simple, Cloud-Native Solution

BackupSimple powered by Metallic is now available to ONEClub partners to deliver as a managed service to your customers. SoftwareONE will be by your side as your trusted partner to help enable, build and support you on your journey. Complementing your Microsoft 365 practice with BackupSimple Managed Services delivers more value to your end customers while driving incremental recurring revenue for your business.

Value of a Delivering Managed Backup for Your Customers

Less effort & complexity

Consolidate backup solutions with your clients for increased transparency and control of data

Improve security & gain confidence

Ensure your customer’s data is secure and always available to build a high level of trust and confidence.

Backup & Recovery Performance

Automated backups, flexible restore options, rapid recovery, and real-time response

Optimization of operational costs

Save money by reducing unnecessary hardware, maintenance, and support contracts

24x7 Partner Support

We are your direct line of technical support so you can focus on building deeper client relationships and your core capabilities.

Total protection for your Microsoft 365 Investment

Complete Coverage

Comprehensive protection across Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint data. Effortlessly locate active or deleted data, rapidly recover from attack, and meet your SLA and compliance requirements with ease.

Enterprise-grade Protection

Go above and beyond for your critical Microsoft 365 data. With stringent security standards, privacy protocols, and zero-trust access controls built-in, BackupSimple powered by Metallic provides multilayer data protection to combat today’s data loss threats.

Award-winning SaaS Data Backup Experts

With 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and support by our team of backup experts, you no longer need to manage your backup infrastructure or get in the weeds of day-to-day data backup and recovery – our dedicated team overseeing your data and our automated processes have you covered.

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Backing Up Office 365 –
Why you need to and how to do it

Many organizations don’t realize that they need to back up their email, particularly if they are using Office 365. Find out whether your data is protected in the cloud and where certain scenarios could make it difficult to recover your data.

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A partnership with SoftwareONE through the ONEClub Partner Program is built on the promise to help you grow and scale your business with insightful and actionable guidance. Enabling you to unlock innovation, drive operational efficiencies and reaching new markets is our mission and the foundation of our partnerships.

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