Improve Network Security with VMware NSX

How Microsegmentation Increases Security

Network Virtualization with VMware NSX

Network Virtualization with VMware NSX: How Microsegmentation Increases Security

  • 13 October 2020
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The risk of cyber-attacks is increasing. With digitization, the attack surface is growing, and cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is no longer sufficient to simply secure your networks with perimeter firewalls. You also need internal protective walls. VMware NSX enables firewalls to be implemented even for the smallest segments - and thus considerably increases IT security.

How microsegmentation works can be illustrated with a simple example: Everyone knows the ruse of the Trojan horse. Thus, the ancient Greeks succeeded in invading Troy unnoticed. But what if all the houses in the city had also had their own protective wall? The soldiers would have stood in front of closed doors everywhere and the attack would have failed.

Detach Network Services from the Hardware

Today, virtualization is a must to make IT infrastructures more agile and scalable. But while most companies are already using server virtualization, networks are often still trapped in hardware. This setup slows down progress and makes better protection more difficult. Hardware-bound network services are complex to manage, less scalable and more cost-intensive. Every single component must be configured by hand down to the smallest detail and expanding or rebuilding the network takes a lot of time. Firewalls ensure security in the network. But today you no longer only need them on the perimeter, but also in the internal area. Ideally, each individual system would be surrounded by its own protective wall. In hardware-bound networks that would be unaffordable and highly complex.

Virtualized networks make the impossible possible. They decouple the network services switching, routing, load balancing and firewalling from the hardware and make them available as software. That doesn't mean you don't need any hardware at all - the existing devices will continue to be used. However, your only task now is to transport the data packets. All intelligence and control migrates to the software and can therefore be managed separately from the hardware. The virtual network forms an overlay network: a virtual layer that is simply placed over the physical network. This has many advantages. Administrators can manage all components in the network from a central console and automate processes. This enables them to plan, set up or remodel networks faster. Above all, however, virtualization makes it possible to implement advanced security concepts.

Get Started Step by Step

You can greatly improve network security with VMware NSX. You don't have to roll out the new solution in one fell swoop either – you can get started slowly, step by step. You can continue to use your existing hardware and your physical network. Gradually, you can move functions to virtualization. We'll gladly assist you. In a free workshop we explain NSX to you in a practical way. If you wish, we can also conduct an assessment in which we analyze your network and show you how you can close it with NSX.

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