Cloud Cost Optimisation

Cloud Cost Optimisation:

a holistic approach

Cloud Cost Optimisation: a holistic approach

Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to total $304.9 billion, up from $257.5 billion in 2020, according to Gartner.

The pandemic has fuelled this growth, with remote working speeding up cloud adoption. For organisations that have moved to the cloud – particularly those who did so in a hurry – the impact of cloud costs may be starting to be felt as their bills spiral out of control.

To address this challenge, organisations need to take a holistic, double-sided approach covering ways that cloud technologies (right-sizing) and licensing (right-costing) can be optimised. It can’t be an either or approach - both of these areas need to be addressed. Those that do, typically save 10-25% average cloud costs.


Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The Cloud Expansion Landscape & the impact this may be having on your cloud costs
  • Right-costing: Why license usage is so important to control costs
  • Right-sizing: Understand what is deployed and consumed in your organization
  • A demo of how to take back control and typical savings that can be made