Greater ROI with SAM Data

Webinar on 8 July 2020
at 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM BST

Delivering Enhanced Business Insights and Greater ROI with SAM Data

Delivering Enhanced Business Insights and Greater ROI with SAM Data

When the going gets tough, it's time to use all assets at your disposal to make a real difference and to make yourself stand out from the crowd. SoftwareONE relishes helping its clients become the heroes in their company, to be that much needed asset in this time of crisis and change.

This webinar is for you if any of these questions apply:  

  • Are you being tasked to cut the software budget and minimize unbudgeted spend?
  • Are you being asked to prove the benefits of Software Asset Management, either for further investment or to justify it's existence?
  • Are you 100% sure you have identified all such avenues to support the above?

Software & Asset Management as a subject is becoming increasingly multi layered and complex. As we move rapidly into the fourth industrial revolution (advanced digital technologies), Software Asset Management (SAM) is more about understanding the various layers of connectivity, data direction and asset classification rather than one to one/many license models.

A modern SAM practice is about visibility of data, working in an integrated fashion across the whole business, enabling better procurement decisions and informing transformational strategic IT direction.

At SoftwareONE we understand that there is a growing requirement from businesses for contextual and actionable insights that deliver in-year return on investments.

In this webinar we will walk you through: 

  • The current SAM landscape across the globe, and factors that are important to your business
  • Understanding your business through a diagnostics dashboard
  • The ability and importance of creating actionable insights
  • Initiating the ideas that make a difference
  • How we demonstrate in year Return On Investment

The multitude of software products for sale, complex IT environments and fluid methods of software consumption, all contribute to the challenge, and there is no denying that software is at the heart of every company.

The onset of cloud adoption means the core emphasis of SAM is not only about compliance. More now than ever, SAM has to integrate software usage.

To achieve any of these goals requires careful planning and structure; not solely license management and discovery tool-sets. With a structured understanding of your environments supported by well versed software management processes, comes a solid foundation for a new and improved SAM system and access to business critical insights.

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