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Deep Security

Protecting your legacy systems.

Keeping systems secure with virtual patching.

It’s almost a year since Windows Server 2008 reached end of support – and a lot has happened since then. As of January, 14, 2020 Microsoft stopped providing security monitoring and updates for the Windows Server 2008 suite. Organisations still using these products will be exposing their data to high risk without taking appropriate action.

With it being such a disruptive year for organisations, and especially for IT departments, we have observed the following common customer scenarios.

Common End of Support Scenarios


OS upgrade projects have been undertaken and completed with app compatibility issues remedied.


Upgrade projects initiated but paused due to IT refocussing their efforts on Covid-19 response.

Support Extended

Microsoft Extended Support has been purchased as an interim fix.

Patched Virtually

A virtual patching solution has been purchased that protects the legacy systems and data.


No further action has been taken since the end of support deadline in January, 2020.

We have seen similar scenarios for SQL Server 2008 estates. The above scenarios capture the difficult challenges IT has faced managing end of support deadlines and the changing priorities in 2020.

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If you are concerned about vulnerabilities for Windows Server and SQL Server estates – especially with more employees accessing IT services from remote locations – we recommend evaluating Trend Micro’s Deep Security.


Deep Security versus Microsoft Extended Support

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Deep Security provides the necessary protection from new vulnerabilities through:

Virtual Patching

Intrusion detection and protection (IDS/IPS) that will automatically shield workloads on new and EOS platforms from vulnerabilities with a virtual patch allowing customers to secure their systems until they can plan and execute a transition.

Systems Security

Built-in system security controls include real-time integrity monitoring, application control, and log inspection, which will rapidly detect unplanned or malicious changes to Windows Server and SQL Server 2008.

Malware Prevention

Advanced malware prevention capabilities, including behavioural analysis and machine learning, provide protection against malicious software including ransomware and crypto-mining attacks.

For more information about end of support and Deep Security read the accompanying whitepaper.

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