Business Intelligence Delivery

Accelerate Your Business Decisions With Smart Data

Accelerate Your Business Decisions With Smart Data

Simple analytics are no longer enough: Business Intelligence (BI) is an excellent way to address business questions while minimizing technical challenges. In doing so, organizations can now combine data from multiple sources, analyze the information to get insights, better understand the bigger picture and make smart business decisions.

Business Intelligence is fully aligned with Digital Transformation activities which bring companies to a new digitized way of working, providing them with access to data-driven tools and strategies that allow them to learn about their customers and themselves more than ever before.

SoftwareONE’s Business Intelligence Delivery Services allow you to get access to the right information at the right time to make informed decisions.

The Importance of Business Intelligence for Today’s Organizations

With correct implementation, Business Intelligence can help you grow your business by asking and answering questions based on your data.

82% of enterprises are prioritizing analytics and BI as part of their budgets for new technologies and cloud-based services.


>30% growth per year on average in data-driven companies


More than 40% of the current IT budget will be consumed by paying technical debt by 2025.


42% are seeking to improve user experiences by automating discovery of data insights.


Get Prepared for a Successful BI Strategy

When growing your business and developing new business initiatives, BI can provide an excellent base for your future decisions. On your way to a successfully working Business Intelligence strategy, there are different aspects to consider:

  • Strategy: How do you get the 360º view to realize your business potential and maximize profits?
  • Complexity: How do you manage your various data sources to obtain relevant information? 
  • Visibility: How do you create your KPIs to prevent business critical situations and drive innovation?
  • Accuracy: How is your data currently helping you gain a competitive advantage?

Understanding the Technical Concept of Business Intelligence

In a world dominated by data, it is important for organizations to understand how to extract their data and evaluate it to turn it into valuable information.

To process and present (real-time) historical and predictive views of internally structured data relating to all departments within your organization, BI uses different digital computing technologies to generate new, actionable corporate insights.

The Strategic Approach to Business Intelligence Delivery with SoftwareONE

At SoftwareONE, we help you to improve your efficiency. Following a three-step approach, you will get the tools and framework to obtain actionable insights. It helps speed your decision-making processes and ensures that all your business decisions are based on data analytics.

Designing & Planning of Data Store Implementing the Data Store and processing the Data Reporting and presenting (Dashboards and KPIs)
Change Enablement + Knowledge Transfer + User Adoption

Start Easy and Move at Your Own Pace

Think about those who are still driving a car with very old dashboards that provide little or no information. Now imagine a modern car with a digital dashboard, onboard computer, internet connection, IoT sensors, and many other things that give all the insights they need to make informed decisions on the road. Our Business Intelligence services provide you with the digital dashboard.

Our various options are available to help set up and scale your Business Intelligence project and allow you to develop your own infrastructure that gives you full control over the implementation. You own the process and move at your own pace while we make sure that your individual business needs are met.

Our team of data engineers support you in executing the analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment of reliable information models and managing the Cloud platform required for the solutions to run. Depending on your business needs and existing or planned technology stack, we can implement your BI strategy in Microsoft Azure.

  • Design and planning of your centralized Data Store with a customized design as your established "unique source of truth"
  • Implementation of your data store and data processing with integrated and high-quality data
  • Providing a reporting strategy and a solid information model based on customer needs

It’s our mission to help you get the right data, to make the right decisions for the right people at the right time. We will continuously add, update and improve components to transform your operational model according to your information needs.

Embrace the Values of SoftwareONE’s Business Intelligence Delivery

By implementing Business Intelligence services at your company, you can realize significant benefits:

Measuring the performance of your organization, improved business efficiency

Once you get information, you will have better decision making abilities

Improve the company’s resource uses, optimized data processes

Better availability of meaningful information

Augmented capacity to produce models and insights for the business

Rely On The Global Expert

SoftwareONE focuses on providing our customers with best-in-class skills, support, agility, and cost-efficiency. From value-added managed services to state of the art Network and Security Operations Centers, we think globally and act locally in 90 countries!

+ 120 active projects.

+ 400 apps in support, maintenance, and evolution.

1,300+ technology experts

(software developers, architects, designers, etc.)

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IT Services certification - ISO 20000

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Think globally act locally in 90 countries

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