Helping nonprofits thrive in a challenging world

Helping nonprofits thrive in a challenging world

We know things are tough

COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on the nonprofit sector. Understandably, technology may not be a top priority for most charities right now, and yet it could make the difference to being able to continue to deliver the services needed and generate critical funds. In this 10-minute video we have highlighted:

  • - The most pressing challenges facing nonprofits and charities currently
  • - Key technology considerations to address these challenges
  • - Funding, free services and special offers exclusively available to nonprofits through SoftwareONE

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The Challenges Facing Nonprofits

1. Shrinking budgets and income drops

59% of UK nonprofits1 have had to access their reserves during the pandemic. Across the sector shops have closed and fundraising has ground to a halt, with many smaller nonprofits being forced to close. During lockdown, UK nonprofits reported:

24%   total income reduction for the year - equating to £12.4 billion total loss1
92%   trading income fall, with just 5% reporting increased trading income1

2. Variable resourcing demand

These financial challenges have been compounded by an increase in service demand. Nonprofits who have furloughed employees must now contend with seasonal or business spikes that require an increase in resource

72%   of charities report an increased demand their services2
64%   of have found new ways to deliver service2

3. The need for collaboration at a distance

In order to meet increased service demands, the nonprofit sector must facilitate remote working and safe collaboration between partners, volunteers, and beneficiaries. However, one third of UK businesses3 lack the IT infrastructure to sustain this new way of working, due to a lack of technology support.

33%   of charities lack the technology to manage constant long-term remote working
26%   lack the in-house digital skills to manage widespread long-term remote working

4. Protecting sensitive data

In order to collaborate safely, charities must ensure they have robust security in place to protect individuals and data. With sensitive information being handled remotely, security is more critical than ever.

46%   of global businesses reported at least one cybersecurity scare3
51%   have seen an increase in email phishing attacks3

5. Business Continuity

Business disruption can result in server or systems failure that is not only expensive; it can waste hours of valuable time and resources. Business critical functions that are disabled for any significant length of time can greatly impact a nonprofits organisation’s ability to deliver.

57%   of charities have had to postpone projects during COVID-192
41%   plan to increase tech investment to cope with new ways of remote working
1. Institute of Fundraising 2. Charity Digital 3. Enterprise Times

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