That’s the 365Simple feeling.

Get the 365Simple feeling

Get the 365Simple feeling

Ever got a whole lot more that you expected?

That’s the 365Simple feeling.

365Simple is our managed service that gives you much more than just your Microsoft 365 license with basic support. Find out more below. PLUS get a free-of-charge 365Simple Assessment worth £3,500.

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Which buyer type are you?

Direct from Microsoft

You currently go direct to Microsoft, paying for those licenses on the company credit card and crying a bit each time your statement arrives, particularly now that your staff numbers are much higher than they used to be. You need to get much better value if you want to continue that growth. It’s time to ditch the credit card and find greater value with a partner, and while we may be biased, we suggest you look at SoftwareONE’s 365Simple managed service. See below for details of what you get.

An Enterprise Agreement

You are typically a larger organisation and benefit from price savings by committing to a three-year contract, which saves you money but means you have to pay a big sum upfront affecting cash flow. You also have very little wriggle room when it comes to adjusting license numbers up or down as staff requirements change. That lower price upfront may come at a long-term cost. It is possible to complement your EA alongside CSP to give you the best of both – lower prices but flexibility for at least some of your licenses. Speak to SoftwareONE about this hybrid approach.

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A CSP agreement with another Microsoft partner

You go through a partner to buy your Microsoft 365 licenses via CSP. This gives you flexibility to scale licenses up or down and provides basic support. But not all partners are created equal. Just because your current partner tells you you’re getting a good deal, doesn’t mean you are getting the best value available to you. It might be worth shopping around to see what you’re missing. Take a look at what is included in 365Simple and compare that to what you’re currently getting from your partner.

Introducing 365 Simple

When you buy your Microsoft 365 licenses through any of the options mentioned above, you get your license and some basic support. Now compare that to SoftwareONE’s CSP agreement – 365Simple – in which you get your license PLUS all of this added value:

Special Offer

We are adding even greater value. Any organization of 200 seats or more who signs up to 365Simple before 30 June 2021, will receive a free-of-charge 365Simple assessment worth £3,500.

15% Off on 365Simple

What’s covered in a 365Simple Assessment?

  • For customers who already have a footprint in Office 365, the 365Simple assessment provides insights into the existing configuration and produces a report highlighting any areas that would benefit from a tweak, change or reconfiguration, followed by recommendations to achieve this.
  • The 365Simple Assessment is a two-day engagement to health check & review the major areas in Microsoft 365 and produce a report with recommendations made from the findings.
  • Working directly with you, we will review the following items:
    • A look into the usage reports to see the levels of adoption of the Office 365 services.
    • Review of the identity secure score and any issues or alerts with authentication.
    • Run a report in Azure AD to identify applications or services using legacy authentication methods.
    • Review of the tenant secure score and the incidents logged in the Office 365 security portal.
    • An email review which looks at attributes such as content filtering, remote access and how many mailboxes have auto-forwarding rules.
    • External and guest sharing policies across SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.
    • A review of Microsoft Teams policies and configurations.
  • A health-check review of the above items with one of our experienced Future Workplace Consultants working in conjunction with you to review existing configuration.
  • A slide based report that details any recommended actions, why they are required and what the next steps would be in priority order.
    In short, you end up with advice and guidance plus clear and actionable insights on how to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment, aligned to industry best practice.


Offer eligibility

  • You must sign a contract for at least 200 seats before end of June 2021 to get the free 365Simple Assessment.
  • Full T&Cs of what is covered is available from your SoftwareONE account manager.

Isn’t it time you got the 365Simple feeling?

Talk to SoftwareONE about moving to SoftwareONE’s 365Simple and get much more value for your Microsoft 365 investment.

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