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Digital Inclusion & Accessibility

Empower your people

Digital Inclusion & Accessibility – Empower your people

Join us at our Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Virtual Summit - for HR and IT leaders aspiring to provide an inclusive workplace – brought to you by SoftwareONE & Microsoft.

Jenny Lay-Flurrie

"We are on a journey and continue to learn and grow as we move forward. We hope by sharing what we've learned, other organizations can build out and accelerate their disability inclusion programs, hire great talent, and reduce the unemployment rate for people with disabilities. Game on!"

Microsoft Chief Accessibility Officer

There are more than 1 billion people - or 15% of the global population - with a disability, either permanent or temporary, including those affecting visual, mobility, hearing, cognitive, speech and neural functions. Yet despite the clear and proven benefits a diverse workforce brings, only 47% of persons with disabilities in the UK are in employment, versus 80% of the non-disabled population.

Being inclusive isn’t just about adapting physical spaces; technology literacy is just as vital for social inclusion. Organisations need to make IT accessible to ensure people with disabilities can work effectively. New legislation that came into affect in September 2019 has brought this topic to the top of the corporate culture agenda.

This exclusive event brings together business, IT, HR and disability experts to share insights into how to create a more digitally inclusive organisation. Attendees will leave inspired to drive meaningful change in their organisation with practical tips they can implement immediately.

Join us at our Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Virtual Summit on 22 May 2020.

Join us at our Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Virtual Summit on May 22, 2020.

Note: this was previously two live events in Manchester & Dublin but due to restrictions on travel & large group gatherings as a result of Covid-19, we’ve combined the two into one virtual summit, taking place the day after Global Accessibility awareness day.

Confirmed speakers to date:

  • Andy Dunbar, Service Lead – SoftwareONE
  • Una Keeshan, Sales director – SoftwareONE Ireland
  • Hector Minto, Accessibility Evangelist  Microsoft
  • Simon Bishop, Global Head of Recruitment – SoftwareONE
  • Andy Hall, Head of Digital Inclusion – Scope
  • Robin Christopherson MBE, Head of Digital Inclusion – AbilityNet
  • Caroline Turner, Neurodiversity consultant and founder  Creased Puddle
  • Gerry Ellis, Accessibility & Useability Consultant at FeelTheBenefIT and Group Technology and Customer Solutions – Bank of Ireland
  • Peadar O’Sullivan, Senior Consultant, Future Workplace – SoftwareONE
  • Joe Morley, Future Workplace Consultant – SoftwareONE

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