helping coucils overcome

Overcome Challenges

Adopting the Public Cloud

Helping Councils Overcome Challenges to Adopting the Public Cloud

The financial pressures councils are under are no secret, and the likelihood is these pressures will continue to grow. IT is a key business unit within any council that can help tackle this issue. In particular, one area where councils can economise and save money, and where IT can help, is their use of the cloud. Moving to the cloud also ties in with the official central government ‘Cloud First’ policy – launched in 2013 – which says that when procuring services, public sector organisations should evaluate potential cloud solutions first.

So, to find out how local governments are doing when it comes to cloud adoption, we submitted a number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to all London Borough, Metropolitan, and County Councils in England. Overall, the findings show that councils are only using some of the cloud’s potential right now – with 80 per cent of English councils using public cloud services, but the majority (68 per cent) are running less than a quarter of their IT infrastructure in the public cloud.

Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

Why are councils yet to make the wholesale move to cloud? From the FOI responses, we can see that the biggest challenges to widespread cloud adoption are application migration (60 per cent), security concerns (55 per cent), and compliance (48 per cent). To overcome these challenges, councils must ensure they have a clear roadmap to manageable adoption. Key elements of the roadmap should include a reliable budget plan based on valid operating figures, which will then help to minimise unbudgeted costs. This needs to be done alongside a projection of future budgets containing accurate details about potential consumption.

Making more extensive use of the cloud will help councils provide more efficient, easier to access and use services and best of all, given the context of financial pressures, it will help them to save money. What’s more, cloud computing will also play a vitally important role in how councils deliver services in the future, as the digital transformation of public sector gathers pace. Engaging with specialist expertise is one of the ways an organisation, whether in the public or private sector, can optimise the cloud and ensure the challenges to making best use of the cloud can be overcome.

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