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Things Utility Companies Need to Consider

Plugging Into the Cloud

4 Things Utility Companies Need to Consider When Plugging Into the Cloud

Utilities companies have been undergoing a digital transformation, turning to technologies such as smart meters and network sensors, in large numbers. But how should they manage all the data this generates?

Alex Dalglish

Utilities companies have been undergoing a digital transformation, turning to technologies such as smart meters and network sensors, in large numbers. According to government research, the amount of smart meters installed totals 11 million, and further research finds utilities firms are predicted to spend $40B on IoT platforms, systems, and services.

The data from this web of interconnected devices and sensors will enable utilities companies to be more efficient, and will also drive sustainability – helping, for instance, to find leaks in a water system, or analyse electricity usage data and channel power to the most needed areas.

The Data Challenge

Having greater numbers of connected devices and sensors results in a huge amount of data being generated. This data needs to be housed securely, in a scalable solution that offers enough compute power to enable ‘crunching’ of large data sets during analysis. Cloud computing is the obvious answer. It provides the flexibility and scalability to process volumes of data quickly enough to respond effectively to problems that arise, whether that’s a leaky pipe or faulty mains.

However, adopting and managing cloud can be complex. It can also be costly and overpaying for usage is rife.

4 Things for Utilities Companies to Consider When Moving to the Cloud:


  1. What is your cloud adoption strategy? Knowing what you need your cloud solution to do is critical to avoid overspend and to deliver on business demands. Speak to a cloud specialist to advise on how to take your project forward.
  2. How will you manage capacity? Companies need deep visibility into the entire infrastructure so that IT teams can accurately predict and respond to cloud capacity and consumption requirements.
  3. How will you manage costs? Using Microsoft Azure Cost Management tools are the first step. Being able to interpret the data in those tools is the critical piece.
  4. How will you optimise the cloud environment post-adoption? To really get consistent, long term benefits, you need to manage and monitor consumption and usage, identifying opportunities and risks proactively.

Clearly, Digital Transformation can electrify an organisation’s ability to harness data and improve their efficiency if done well. We have been helping utilities companies on their Digital Transformation journey from start to finish – helping them find a cloud solution that is tailored to each organisation depending on their needs. SoftwareONE's Global Managed Services includes Cloud Spend Management for Azure that helps utility firms to get a handle on their cloud spend and optimise their cloud environment.

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