how to save 30 Percent

Microsoft Azure

How to Save 30 Percent

How to Save 30 Percent on Your Microsoft Azure Investment

"Moving the cloud is just the first step. Making it work for you is where the real value pays off. Find out how you could be saving 30% on your Azure investments"

Alex Dalglish, SoftwareONE UK Services Director

In today’s increasingly collaborative and cloud-based workplace, using flexible public cloud services that are easy to adopt makes a lot of sense. One such platform – Microsoft Azure – is particularly popular, and is used by around 90 percent of the world’s highest-earning companies. It has more than 17,500 functions that can fulfil many different business needs – from backup, to DevOps, to supporting AI projects.

However, many organisations are leaving the vast potential of Azure untapped, and at the same time struggle to keep track of their spend. This is a wider issue than any one platform though, with 35 percent of public cloud service customers found to be exceeding their budgets. The good news for Azure users is that there is significant scope for cost savings to be achieved by finding a way to maximise cloud investments and get the most from the platform

Achieving Savings from Azure

For time-pressured CIOs, there’s a need to have a transparent view of the cloud ecosystem to analyse usage trends as quickly as possible and spot peaks and troughs. For CFOs who need to keep budgets on a tight leash, complete cost transparency is required. Our own freedom of information (FOI) research found out that 43 percent of local councils identified cost as a challenge when moving to the public cloud. So, to meet the demands of all stakeholders in an organisation, greater visibility into infrastructure is essential.

Introducing Cloud Spend Management for Azure

SoftwareONE has designed a fast way to help companies gain this. Our new global managed service – Cloud Spend Management for Azure is an easy way for companies to get started with Azure and allows for costs to be cut by up to 30 percent. This is achieved through real-time cost analysis and consumption dashboards, and lets users easily track where costs are incurred and at what rates, with the added ability to forecast and predict Azure expenditure for the coming months and beyond.

Cloud Spend Management for Azure has been developed with key cost and resource optimisation at its core, with huge added value around Microsoft Azure Support coupled with Technical Consultancy Advisory hours. Many organisations simply don't have the expertise in house to manage their cloud solutions. Our service team plugs that gap.

It is a great fit for customers that have made an investment into Microsoft Azure, but who now really want to get the best out of their investment and start driving efficiencies and innovation within their organisations.

Learn How To Save Money on Azure

Our services team is happy to talk through your challenges and advise on the best steps moving forward.

Discover Cloud Spend Management for Azure

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Alex Dalglish

UK Services Director at SoftwareONE

Cloud, Digital Transformation, Modern Workplace, Software Asset Management, Software Portfolio Management

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