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How to Help Your Employees Get Maximum Value From Your Microsoft 365 Investment


Microsoft 365 offers a range of tools to boost employee productivity. But to make the most of your investment, employees need to know how to use them.

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Both Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 will be coming out of support next year. With this date fast approaching, organisations are considering what their options are for upgrading, and for many, this likely means moving to Microsoft 365 – an all-encompassing package that includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security. Microsoft 365 aims to be a simple, integrated solution that gives users access to all the business software they need in a single place.

Microsoft 365 delivers a familiar environment through which users can access email and everyday applications such as Word and Excel. But there’s more to it than meets the eye, including a whole host of extra features. The investment that organisations make in upgrading can be significant, so it pays to go ‘under the hood’ of Microsoft 365 and learn how to make the most of it – particularly when it comes to improving employee collaboration and productivity.

The Modern Workplace – Working Smart & Working Together

Workplace collaboration is of growing importance, particularly as organisations embrace the ‘work from anywhere culture’ – with research from the TUC finding the UK now has 1.5 million remote workers. Microsoft 365 has a number of applications to facilitate teamwork, including Yammer and Microsoft Teams. Yammer is a company-wide social media platform that lets employees build work ‘communities’ in a social environment, and Microsoft Teams is an intuitive digital workspace offering video and voice calling, instant messaging, group email and calendar, and content co-creation. Powered by intelligent bots, it enables employees to collaborate ‘on the fly’ and in real-time; it can also be integrated with hundreds of third-party applications.

Productivity of workers is another consideration for businesses, with stats from the Office of National Statistics suggesting UK productivity levels are falling. Here too, Microsoft 365 offers a solution – through Microsoft Office ProPlus – which delivers the very latest desktop, mobile and web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This means users always have access to the latest features, which brings helpful productivity ‘hacks’ to increase efficiency – like integration with LinkedIn, access to PowerPoint Designer, and Excel ‘power’ features (with automatically populating data about capital cities, for example). And with all of this delivered across any device, users can work from anywhere, anytime.

Having access to these features is only part of the solution. Your employees need to know how to use them and be inspired to do so. As part of the SoftwareONE Unified Cloud Management service, users get access to our Learning Portal. It contains specially crafted courses and lesson plans so that end users can go from novice to expert fast. Accessible directly from an icon within your Office 365 portal, your staff will have access to resources to be onboarded quickly and to continuously stay up to date with new features as they’re released.

Administrators can also view the adoption dashboard which monitors channels to enhance cross-departmental communication and can proactively target users to increase their adoption.

To find out more about our UCM for Microsoft 365 offering, go to. To learn more about how to move to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, how to make the move with minimal impact and how we can help you migrate and manage the transition, download our recorded webinar here.

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