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Adapt, Innovate, and Drive Business Faster with Automated Application Development

Moving beyond manual business processes, especially with limited budgets, requires creativity and innovation. New applications and automations are needed to support mobile and remote workers and are required to drive business forward and remain competitive. SoftwareONE’s Intelligent Automation services help customers to automate processes rapidly and intelligently. Our specialized offering will save you time, reduce expenses, and help avoid risk.

Intelligent Automation Brings Substantial Business Benefits

Predictions from Gartner suggest that by 2025, more than 90% of enterprises will have an automation architect, up from less than 20% today. And there is even more to come:

Cost Savings

30​%​ in potential operational cost savings by using Hyperautomation in 2024

- Gartner

Computer Automation

54% of organizations are increasing their Automation budgets


Reduced Costs

70% reduction in application development cost & effort using low code platforms

- Forrester  

Global Adoption

57% of global companies have already started on this automation journey

- McKinsey  

Closing the Gap: Time, Skills, and Strategy

When organizations don’t have the time and capacity to meet demands for building better business applications, competitors get ahead. Lack of automated business processes impacts efficiency and customer experiences. Without intelligent automation, progress slows, and efforts are duplicated. Applications designed to address past challenges become an obstacle of innovation today. Still, a massive business application and automation deficit remains:

  •  No capacity for being faster
  •  No competitive advantages
  •  No automation of manual tasks and processes
  •  Missing application integration 

Key Concepts to Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation links five key concepts that will transform how your business runs. First is Robotic Process Automation which eliminates time-wasting repetitive tasks that cause employee fatigue. Low Code approaches help create application technology support for data-centric activities so your organization can build and evolve faster. Cognitive Services bring machine learning to core business processes. Automated Flow provides the linkage between applications that enable Business Process Orchestration. Allow us to show you how to let technology do the work.

The Strategic Approach to Intelligent Automation with SoftwareONE

Aided by groundbreaking technologies and remarkable advancements in robotics, back-office operations are being transformed into future-ready business support centers with demonstrable gains in efficiency and productivity while cutting down on process complexities. Here’s how we at SoftwareONE help you to develop your tailored automation strategy:

Create business applications to improve data capture and employee experiences

Automate the integration of applications to streamline business process activities

Automate the execution of repetitive well-defined, structured tasks

Orchestrate entire workflows

Automate everyday tasks using cognitive services

SoftwareONE Intelligent Automation Transforms Operations

The SoftwareONE Intelligent Automation team will create the components needed to increase process speeds while minimizing errors and freeing employees from repetitive tasks:

  • Our Agile Solution Delivery designs and builds application and automation components for fast deployment.
  • Solution Envisioning gathers information to understand desired business outcomes and create initial architectures and design guidelines.
  • Interactive Knowledge Sharing introduces customers to Intelligent Automation concepts while demonstrating its capabilities, benefits, and use cases.

It’s our mission to help you increase the speed of your processes by minimizing errors and freeing employees from repetitive tasks with quick wins.

Embrace the Values of SoftwareONE’s Intelligent Automation

A combination of human and artificial intelligence implies far reaching change in the structure of your organization. By implementing automated services you will not only reduce your time-to-market and boost your productivity but also enhance valuable business activities that will help you grow:

Save Costs

by identifying and eradicating operational inefficiencies that costs a lot of money. 

Increase business productivity

through automation that can do specific mundane tasks. 

Avoid risks and gain confidence

by reducing human error and improving process governance & compliance.

Rely On the Global Experts at SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE focuses on providing our customers with best-in-class skills, support, agility, and cost-efficiency. From value-added managed services to state of the art Network and Security Operations Centers, we think globally and act locally in 90 countries!

Trusted Service Provider

120+ active projects, 400+ apps in continuing support, maintenance, and evolution.

Technology Experts

1,300+ technology experts, including software developers, architects, designers, and technical support staff.

Azure Certification

Azure Expert MSP

  • Security certification - ISO 27000
  • IT Services certification - ISO 20000
  • Dev certification - CMMI DEV 5
Worldwide Expertise

Thinking globally, acting locally in 90 countries.

Global Competency

Application Services / Global Competency Centers with local interface.

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