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Application Modernization

Making the Cloud the Real Cloud

Make Your Applications Future-Ready

What is application modernization?

Modernization refers to the changing of application source code and/or architecture to better leverage cloud platforms and native services. Put another way – making the cloud the real cloud.

In our experience, customers that move applications to cloud in a lift and shift motion almost always spend as much as they did in the datacenter, if not 5% more. Only when they modernize their applications by re-architecting and bringing them forward to cloud native do they benefit from the built-in strengths of a cloud platform. Our customers typically save 40% by modernizing, while at the same time gaining capability to deliver new business value.


Cost savings from modernization

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What How
Business agility Increase the speed of business to meet market demands. Pay down technical debt through modernization to focus human effort on new capabilities and business requirements instead of legacy inefficiencies.
Innovation Unlock data, automate manual processes, or improve customer experience. Leverage any of the thousands of purpose-built cloud services, products, and APIs on public cloud platforms, including mobile, analytics, ML/AI, IoT, blockchain, and many more.
Performance Improve security, resilience, and scalability. Modern apps can have global availability, scale to millions of users, respond in milliseconds, and handle petabytes of data. Responsibility for security, compliance, and maintenance is shared with the hyperscaler.
Cost-efficiency Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your digital estate. Decompose monolithic apps and optimize the usage of cloud products and services based on technical requirements and cost considerations across compute, storage, network, database, analytics, and so forth.
Skills and productivity Develop your team’s knowledge and practices. Empower developers with better tools and automate test and deployment with DevSecOps.

Application Modernization Services

Our modernization projects follow this 3-phase process.


The SoftwareONE application modernization approach begins with the Advise phase in which we’ll discover, analyze, and prioritize your application portfolio for modernization. You’ll gain a strategic roadmap that includes recommended architecture, a comprehensive modernization plan, and a business case with projected return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Starting with a strong advisory phase enables you to:

  • Make better business decisions through a predictable business case.
  • Reduce technical and financial risks by understanding challenges with the exiting code and architecture.
  • Tackle potential security issues applications are modernized.


Next, we’ll move into the Build phase where we’ll implement a cloud landing zone and DevSecOps pipeline. Side-by-side with your team, we’ll rehost, replatform, and refactor target applications based on your custom plan.


In the third and final phase, Manage, you can choose to have our team operate and enhance your applications on an ongoing basis, freeing up your employees to deliver new capabilities.
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Why SoftwareONE

Our global talent base, sophisticated tools, and proven methodology mean we can scale with your needs — whether that’s one application or one hundred.

Well-Architected Framework

SoftwareONE’s agnostic version of the hyperscaler frameworks

Automated Portfolio Analysis

CAST Highlight used to perform detailed analysis of source code for cloud readiness

Cloud Cost Optimization

Best-in-class FinOps solutions and services

Patterns and Assets

Automation and accelerators enable speed and consistency

Delivery Model

Combining local resources with in-time zone remote

Continuous modernization managed services

Trusted partner

30+ years in tech transformation

3,000+ cloud experts

12,000+ services customers

Global presence in 90 countries

Application Services Competency Centers with local interface

Proven approach

Advanced tools and methodology

Azure Expert Managed Services Partner

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

Google Cloud Partner Premier

ISO 27001 Security certified

ISO 20000 IT Services certified

CMMI DEV 5 Development certified

FinOps certified

Case Studies

Players from Atlético Nacional, a major Colombian soccer club, stand together in the stadium with fans in the background

Modernizing Ticket Sales in the Cloud

Atlético Nacional, a major Colombian soccer club, teamed up with SoftwareONE to provide its fans with better access to soccer events by modernizing ticket sales and customer services in the Azure cloud.

Read the case study

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