Case Study

Migrating SAP to AWS Reduced Costs by 25% and Dropped SAP Provisioning Times 93% from Weeks to Days

Improving Agility with SAP on AWS to Accelerate Innovation

A global manufacturer of industrial packaging wanted to gain more benefits from AI and IoT by migrating its SAP landscape to the public cloud. SoftwareONE SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud Services helped advance its strategy to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology by moving SAP critical workloads from a private cloud to Amazon Web Services.

  • Customer: Global manufacturer of industrial packaging

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Services: SoftwareONE SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud

About the Customer

A global manufacturer of industrial packaging with over 100 locations across several geographies makes a wide variety of packaging products. Its workforce is more than 5,500 individuals spread across Asia, Europe, and North America.

The Challenge

The manufacturer’s CIO sought long-term benefits from a move to public cloud. It was clear to him that advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) would play an increasing role in manufacturing. The strategy to help his company make production processes more efficient was to make a move from private to public cloud.

The Solution

SoftwareONE was engaged to migrate all the company’s systems, including SAP, from its private cloud to a public cloud environment. The business hoped the change would improve overall performance while reducing costs and improving flexibility.

After moving SAP critical workloads to the Amazon Web Services platform, the customer realized several simultaneous benefits ranging from lower expenses to significant performance boosts.

Benefits & Outcome

  • Eliminated CAPEX costs for refreshing private cloud infrastructure
  • Costs reduced by 25% by the shift to AWS with the flexibility to control future expense by turning off unused resources
  • Speed of SAP and other critical business applications has increased, with SAP databases now 28% faster than previous private cloud operations
  • The customer also saw a 46% boost in performance on the application server level
  • SAP provisioning times have dropped 93% from weeks to days since the migration to AWS, resulting in significantly accelerated, nearly on-demand, innovation cycles
  • Flexibility gains include options to shut down unused capacity and only pay for what is needed

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