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Digital Transformation & Software Asset Management

  • 31 October 2019
  • Gabe Honesto
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Digital Supply Chain

Mapping Your Digital Supply Chain for Improved Efficiency

Digital supply chain management is essential to compliance, security, and spend optimization as organizations move forward. Learn how to ensure maximum efficiency with data, personnel, and technology


SaaS Sprawl and the Importance of Software License Management

SaaS sprawl is a growing problem that is commanding the attention of IT leaders everywhere, so what can be done about it? Learn how software license management offers the solution.

6 Steps to Transform Your Digital Supply Chain Program

6 Steps to Transform Your Digital Supply Chain Program

When it comes to digital supply chain management, new ways to improve and optimize your organization’s current methods are always cropping up. Let’s break down 6 steps to transforming your digital supply chain program.

How to Move Up the SAM Maturity Ladder

How to Move Up the SAM Maturity Ladder | SoftwareONE

Do you know where your organization stands on the software asset management maturity model? Let’s take a look at how you can identify your current level and move up the SAM maturity ladder.


How to Improve Application Management In Distributed Environments

Software Lifecycle Management is designed to increase the value of your software from deployment to retirement. Let’s delve deeper into how you can improve your organization’s application management across distributed environments.

Making SAM Part of Your BI Strategy

Making SAM Part of - Your BI Strategy

SAM has the potential to move beyond simply being a mainstay of compliance. Instead, we will likely see the use of SAM evolve into an integral component of overall business intelligence (BI) strategy. Let’s look further into the necessary…

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