SoftwareONE becomes AWS Migration Competency Partner

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SoftwareONE becomes AWS Migration Competency Partner

Announcing SoftwareONE as an AWS Migration Competency Partner

  • 14 January 2021
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Here at SoftwareONE, we pride ourselves on the expertise and guidance we’re able to provide our customers. With over 30 years of experience in several different spaces, we always work hard at continuing to evolve our knowledge, from the cloud to software lifecycle management. Now, we’re pleased to announce our latest accomplishment of becoming an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Competency partner.

This has created a proven track record we’re truly proud of. We, of course, are honored to be recognized and appreciated by the AWS community, but we are also thrilled that we are now able to leverage AWS for migration support and benefits on behalf of our customers. For years, we have successfully migrated complex enterprise customers to AWS and established a robust migration methodology. With this new recognition as global migration experts, we are now able to migrate our customers and their critical workloads of any level of AWS complexity. Now, we have support from AWS in a way we didn’t before. For example, we can now bring more granular expertise to an organization through smaller AWS offerings such as the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). And we hope our customers will be able to see the added value and benefits of working alongside both of us to achieve their goals.

Let’s talk a little bit further about how becoming an AWS Migration Competency partner benefits our customers, and what it means for the future of SoftwareONE.

Enhanced Support & Guidance

Prior to becoming an AWS Migration Competency partner, our Simple for AWS solution was designed to address the many challenges of managing a modern cloud infrastructure. And while there are tons of benefits to migrating to AWS - from enhanced productivity to greater scalability - it can be an incredibly complex topic. Now, our customers can feel confident about the fact we will come to the table prepared with a) validation and b) a rubber-stamped methodology and framework that AWS can stand behind.

With this new competency, SoftwareONE has validated our standing as experts in the world of enterprise scale adoption to AWS. Now, customers can have the peace of mind knowing that we can successfully support organizations through an AWS migration. Plus, our advisory services now include everything from TCO/ROI analysis to service enablement in AWS. Through using AWS methodology, following AWS guidance, utilizing AWS Well-Architected Framework, and more, we’re able to heighten the overall experience of migrating to AWS.

What This Means for Our Customers

Cloud has become the new normal as organizations of every size have realized the benefits of the cloud. It’s no longer about the question “if” but about “How fast can we move?” and “What are we moving first?”. As many companies rarely undergo migration events it is vital for companies to invest in an upfront pre-migration readiness assessment to plan, prepare and fully understand the technical dependencies and complexity of migrating their applications to the cloud. Migration can be a high-risk activity and we at SoftwareONE help you solve that.

We are here to guide your migration to AWS. We begin the customer journey with a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) as the first step to gain a foundational understanding of your strengths and areas of support. Essentially, we will help organizations understand their infrastructure, application and overall TCO better so we can then build a transformation plan demonstrating the ROI of migrating to AWS. In turn, we’re able to drive customers towards how to manage their new AWS environment.

As we look towards the future, SoftwareONE will remain your partner in helping you to better understand cloud adoption and how overcoming challenges will unlock a successful migration. By choosing AWS and SoftwareONE, you will gain access to the most innovative tools and services on the market, plus dedicated migration experts from SoftwareONE who are available at every step to help make your entire migration experience simple and secure.

Moving Forward

As a certified AWS Migration Competency Consulting Partner we are your strategic business advisor to accelerate your cloud adoption journey while helping you reduce risk, increase agility, and improve security. Again, we’re very proud of this accomplishment and we can’t wait to see where it takes us and our customers. We understand that organizations migrating to AWS need strong expertise, the right tools, and alignment of their business and IT strategies. As an AWS Migration Competency partner, we now have all the validation we need in order to help our customers migrate their applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS. We’re excited to continue to evolve our expertise in this space so we can accelerate our customers’ realization of the benefits of AWS.

SoftwareONE is AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
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