Oracle Support How To Save Costs?

Oracle Support:

How To Save Costs?

Oracle Support: How To Save Costs?

In this article we will detail the typical scenarios that you will experience in case you want to terminate the support on (parts) of your licenses or reinstate the support maintenance for licenses that currently do not have an active support maintenance contract. Issues that many organizations are struggling with when they start to explore cost savings opportunities related to their Oracle software portfolio.

Oracle Programs ordered (example)

The fees as paid for these licenses (against a discount of 50%) are reflected in the below table:

Support Fee 1st year, incl. discount (example)

The following year the end-user decides to purchase support maintenance for these products. As a result of this, the applicable fees for these licenses (with an indexation of 3%) come down to the following:

Support Fee 2nd Year (example)

Then, in 2016, the end-user decides to terminate the support maintenance, or the WebLogic Suite licenses, since he is no longer using these licenses. According to the “Pricing following reduction of licenses or support level” clause, the recalculation of the support maintenance fees for the remaining licenses, is based on Oracle’s current pricelist, coming down to:

Support Fee 3rd Year (example)

As a result of the above, it is clear that the termination of the support maintenance fee for the Oracle WebLogic Suite licenses, results in an increased support maintenance fee for the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Partitioning licenses. As a result of this, end-users typically continue to pay support maintenance fees for the overall order or obtain special license consultancy from companies like B-lay to reduce the recurring support maintenance fees for their future license needs.

Too Complex To Fully Understand?

Oracle’s Technical Support policies are often misunderstood or not fully understood by end-users entering into a support maintenance agreement. With this article, we aim to provide you with a basic overview of how the different clauses of Oracle’s Technical Support policies work. A proper understanding of these clauses and agreements is the first step to determine cost saving and cost avoidance opportunities that may be applicable for your own Oracle software license portfolio.

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