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How to Manage Audits & Compliance Risks

How to Optimize your SAP Environment and Manage SAP Audits

  • 05 November 2020
  • Tony Wise
  • 8.55 minutes to read

In the software world, the word audit is one no-one wants to hear. In simple terms it is a check to see if your use of software usage matches your purchases, and undergoing an audit is often seen as a time consuming, and potentially extremely costly exercise. When faced with an audit letter, organizations typically think, “Why me”, “Am I really non-compliant?”, “What am I missing here?”. This uncertainty comes from a lack of visibility of the licenses they are entitled to use, who is using them, and how they are being used. Now more than ever, it is extremely important to be on top of usage before the vendor comes knocking.

Historically, vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM were most feared when it came to audits, but in recent years SAP has more than made its presence felt, and its audits are highly complex and challenging events for end user organizations. Preparation is key to negotiating and getting through an SAP audit successfully. Below, we’ll outline compliance issues that are common among many organizations. We’ll also provide essential tips and practical recommendations that will help you to better understand the SAP auditing process so you can optimize your environment and reduce your overall risk.

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