SoftwareONE Acquired B-lay

A Chat With Our Global Director of Software Lifecycle Management

SoftwareONE Brings B-lay Into the Fold

SoftwareONE Brings B-lay Into the Fold - A Chat with our Global Director of Software Lifecycle Management

On Monday it was announced that SoftwareONE acquired B-lay, a leading provider of Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) publisher advisory and managed services for Oracle, SAP and IBM solutions.

We sat down with Darryl Sackett, SoftwareONE’s Global Director of SLM to discuss the recent acquisition.

Can You Tell Us a Little Bit More About B-lay and What They Do?

DS: “B-lay was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. It has subsidiaries in the U.S. and Romania where its Center of Excellence is based. The company provides both managed and professional services to help customers optimize their software and cloud spend, with a specific focus on compliance, audits, asset management and insights.”

Why Was this Acquisition Strategic for SoftwareONE?

DS: “Through this acquisition, SoftwareONE will significantly expand upon its SLM practice in Europe and North America in terms of both our expertise and delivery capabilities. With over 700 SLM consultants today, SoftwareONE has one of the largest SLM consultancies in the world and this acquisition solidifies our position as a leader in this critical business area.”

This merger also means SoftwareONE will inherit B-lay’s proprietary platform Zyncc.

How Will that Fit Into SoftwareONE’s Current Offerings?

DS: “Zyncc supports organizations in managing and optimizing both software and cloud spend and on-premises licenses. The Zyncc platform will be incorporated into SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud platform – allowing customers a greater level of insight into the entire lifecycle of their digital investments from procurement and adoption to the retirement of assets.”

In What Ways Do You Feel this Acquisition Will Benefit Your Customers?

DS: “With increasing cloud adoption, organizations require a holistic approach to the administration, optimization and control of their digital investments, covering the entire lifecycle from request to retirement of assets, while executing both commercial and technology transformation. Following on from our acquisition of BNW, an SAP Technology & Cloud consulting firm, in late 2019, this transaction is entirely in line with SoftwareONE’s strategy of strengthening our key vendor services offerings and further investing in our proprietary PyraCloud platform. This combination will deliver the holistic approach our current and prospective customers desire.”

Any Final Comments About the Acquisition?

“The addition of B-lay’s highly-complementary business will secure SoftwareONE as a leader in the delivery of SLM services related to Oracle, SAP and IBM solutions on a larger scale in Europe and globally. We look forward to welcoming B-lay into the SoftwareONE team – specifically the managing partners Mark van Wolferen, Heidy Goyens and Richard Spithoven.”

Darryl Sackett, SoftwareONE’s Global Director of SLM

Details About the B-Lay Acquisition

For more information about the B-Lay acquisition, take a look at the full press release

Read the Full Press Release

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Darryl Sackett

Darryl Sackett

Global Leader Software Lifecycle Management (SLM)

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