Application Modernization Advisory

Make Your Applications Future-Ready

Make Your Applications Future-Ready

Across the globe, applications are a vital support for organizations and their processes. Still, many of these applications have become obsolete, as they no longer respond to the dynamics that your business need, cause high administration and maintenance costs and slow down your business’ innovation efforts. Modernizing an application can bring you operational cost savings along with less administration and support as well as a boost for your innovation strategy.

SoftwareONE’s Application Modernization Advisory helps you to define and design the best approach to modernize your applications using cloud technologies. This modernization goes beyond lift and shift as we focus on re-platforming or to refactoring the application.

Closing the Modernization Gap

Smart enterprises need to modernize their application portfolio to enable innovation while reducing technical debt and costs at the same time. To do so, they need to design the right cloud architecture for their applications. SoftwareONE supports you to build your modernization strategy that will help you engage in an application modernization advisory to drive:

  • Business Agility: Capacity to respond to new opportunities, threats and demands in a timely manner. 
  • Transformation Roadmap: Setting up a vision with a tactical plan and measurable outcomes to modernize the business
  • Digital Talent and Expertise: Highly skilled resources able to innovate through a digital strategy
  • Budget Allocation: Feasible strategy to redistribute the budget from cost of operation to innovation
  • Data Estate: Architecture and infrastructure for interconnected data that maybe used for Business Intelligence and other data science practices
  • User Experience: Create meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

The Strategic Approach to Application Modernization with SoftwareONE

Outdated legacy software can in the long run lead to problems that minimize the success of your business. Typical scenarios for this are new requirements that cannot be met with the current technology, a high degree of complexity that makes data handling difficult and a lack of flexibility. All these aspects make the step towards digital transformation difficult.

There are different approaches to application modernization: Applications can be reprogrammed, partially rewritten or containerized for the cloud. Choosing the wrong approach to Application Modernization can become a frustrating and demotivating process to continue on the modernization path. Where sometimes starting with the largest application or the Core application works good, it’s sometimes more convenient to choose a small application first to test and take the learnings to a broader roll-out.

We are your trusted advisor making sure you find the best approach and a clear roadmap on how and where to start best with your application modernization journey.

Concept behind Application Modernization

Build the Foundation for Your Application Modernization Journey

SoftwareONE’s Application Modernization Advisory helps you to select the best application to start your modernization process. Our service is divided into different modules, which can be executed independently, depending on the state of the company in its modernization process. Define the best architecture according to the needs of your organization, the best DevOps practices and create a business case that lets you understand the total cost ownership of your legacy system vs the modernized system:

  • Discover your application portfolio, inventory & possible roadmap to create an application classification matrix, a modernization roadmap and perform a global assessment analysis
  • Develop your modernization strategy based on a gap analysis between current state
    & expectations to define the best modernization strategy meeting your business needs
  • Design your modern application architecture by removing the boundaries between the different IT Areas and delivering your Target Cloud architecture with cloud costs estimates, business cases and a DevOps strategy.

Together with you, we digitize your processes and specialist procedures so that you remain compliant and benefit from simple cost management, extended functions and faster provision of your applications.

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Embrace the Values of SoftwareONE’s Application Modernization Advisory

Application Modernization describes the a process of transforming legacy applications or applications created in old technologies into applications that can take advantages of cloud technologies to improve the velocity and efficiency to reach the business challenges.

Increase business agility, productivity and efficiency

Cost effective innovation

Reduce risk of legacy inefficiencies

Modernize or remain static? It’s up to You!

Simplify the operation of your applications and let us help you to transform and automate your business through the construction of modernized applications.

Rely On The Global Expert

At SoftwareONE, you will find a team and service that leads you through the process of modernizing your applications, based on profound industry experience and best-practices, so that you immediately reduce costs and simplify the operation of your applications.

+ 120 active projects.

+ 400 apps in support, maintenance, and evolution.

1,300+ technology experts

(software developers, architects, designers, etc.)

Azure Expert MSP

Security certification - ISO 27000,

IT Services certification - ISO 20000

Dev certification - CMMI DEV 5

Think globally act locally in 90 countries

Application Services Global Competency Centers with local interface

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