Quest Software Audits:

Freeware Licenses

Quest Software Audits: Freeware Licenses

If you’re following our Quest – most common compliance issues seen article series you know already that the relaunch of Quest software was followed by a large number of software audits, which are still ongoing today. As a rule, they are carried out by one of the four major audit firms (such as KPMG and Deloitte) or by Quest Software itself.

In our article series we explained the most common compliance issues seen, based on our daily interactions with different end users across the world, whom we supply with audit support services, compliance review services and/or SAM Managed Services. This article focuses on the ins and outs of freeware licenses for Quest software.

What is a Freeware License for Quest Software?

There is no generally accepted license that defines the concept of freeware with total precision, and every publisher sets its own rules. In general, however, freeware can be said to be software (usually proprietary) distributed to end users at no monetary cost. The Dell Software Group (which included Quest Software) defines its right to make use of freeware licenses in its Product Guide, as referred to in its End User License Agreement. Although the use of freeware is not subject to a license or support fee, users are required to follow the terms and conditions of freeware licenses to avoid compliance issues.

The following general terms are applicable for all freeware licenses provided by Quest:

  • Users may use Quest freeware for personal or internal business purposes.
  • The freeware license applies for a period of 90 days after the initial download.
  • Quest may change the scope of use or impose restrictions at any time at its sole discretion.

Rather than waiting for a Quest audit, we strongly recommend that you carry out an internal Quest audit at your earliest convenience to identify whether you are compliant or not. Remember that the question is not whether you will be audited but when.

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